Adirize DAO: A Crypto Network With Exciting Utilities Similar To Cardano And Curve DAO

Stablecoins have grown to become essential cryptocurrencies in the crypto space. These digital assets introduce some form of stability into the highly volatile coin market. Since their inception, stablecoins have taken different forms.

Adirize DAO is a new kind of stablecoin that offers absolute long-term price stability to users in the crypto space. Its operations will differ from other fiat-backed stablecoins whose value is affected by their reserve fiat.

Features Of The Adirize DAO Crypto Project

Adirize DAO is a crypto project hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. It has its native ERC-20 token, which will help move crypto stablecoins far away from the US dollar’s effect.

In contrast with popular stablecoins closely linked with the dollar, the Adirize native token “ADU” will not be influenced by any fiat. Instead, it will be backed by its digital assets.

What Makes Adirize Different From Other Stablecoins Coins

Stablecoins in the crypto space are numerous, but there are a few popularly used stablecoins. These include USDT, USDC, BUSD, and other stablecoins. One common feature of these popular stablecoins is their dependence on the dollar.

While they promise not to deviate from the dollar, their value is not stable in the real sense. If the backed fiat increases or decreases in value, so does the value of the stablecoins. In reality, anything that happens to their reserve fiat also affects the stablecoin. 

The US Dollar policies made by the federal government about the US Dollar will affect the value of all USD-backed Stablecoins. Thus, these stablecoins lose their touch as crypto assets as they become centrally managed digital assets. 

The Adirize DAO

“DAO” means “Decentralized Autonomous Organization.” This means that the Adirize crypto project will be a community-managed platform. Members of the Adirize DAO will help regulate the value of the ADI tokens.

Staking within the Adirize ecosystem will help reduce the volatility of ADI tokens. Staking leads to an accumulation of stake-to-earn rewards over time. Thus, ADI token holders can offset any reduction in the price of their tokens when they stake for a long time.

Bonding also helps to regulate the price of ADI tokens. Unlike staking, bonding is an active, short-time strategy to help crypto projects grow the value of their tokens within a short period. Combining these features allows members of the Adirize DAO ecosystem to remain profitable over time.

Adirize DAO Versus Cardano and Curve DAO

Cardano is a crypto blockchain built to rival the Ethereum network. It is a proof-of-stake blockchain that offers faster and cheaper services than the Ethereum blockchain. It has its native token with the ticker symbol “ADA.” This token serves both governance and security purposes within the Cardano blockchain.

The Curve DAO is a decentralized swapping protocol within the Ethereum blockchain. This crypto platform facilitates the swapping of stablecoins within its ecosystem. It operates using an Automated Market Maker to promote smooth swaps at low slippage and fees.

Its native ERC-20 token, “CRV,” was released in August 2020. This token facilitates operations within the Curve DAO. It also enables governance of the Curve DAO ecosystem.

Adirize DAO will be an innovation like no other in the crypto space. Like Curve DAO and Cardano, it will be a community-driven project. However, its acceptance will introduce true decentralization and stability into the highly volatile crypto space.

The Adirize Token Presale

Membership in the Adirize crypto community is open to all token holders. To enjoy the features offered within the Adirize ecosystem, you must participate in the presale and become a token holder.

Interested parties can easily access the presale through four simple steps;

Download and fund your digital wallet. Visit the Adirize presale portal via Fill out the form and select your deposit token. Connect your wallet and approve the transaction. It will take a few minutes for your ADI tokens to be deposited into your wallet.

As an added advantage, presale participants can earn different rewards within the Adirize token presale. Completing your presale purchase within 25 minutes of registering gives you a 45% bonus on your token purchase. Buying the presale with USDT TRC-20 tokens gives you a 24% bonus.

Multiple purchases within the Adirize presale have added benefits. Participants get a 65% bonus on their second purchase and a 95% bonus on their third purchase. The Adirize Token presale rewards participants $30 when they invite others to the presale. This $30 reward is available when the new person makes a $100 purchase. 


Adirize intends to revolutionize the crypto space with its truly decentralized crypto asset. Read more about the Adirize crypto project and participate in its presale through the links below.

Adirize DAO (ADI)




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