As the Ethereum Merge Draws Near, Google Launches Countdown Clock

Sam Padilla – a Web3 Customer Engineer at Google – said the world’s largest search engine launched a countdown clock that shows when exactly Ethereum’s Merge will be complete.

The second-biggest cryptocurrency protocol is on its way to shifting from Proof-of-Work (PoW) to Proof-of-Stake (PoS), something unseen in the industry so far. The move is expected to be finalized on September 15.

Ethereum’s shift to PoS, known as “the Merge,” has gathered significant attention as many expect it will be beneficial for the project and the price of its native token.
For one, Ethereum (which has been heavily criticized for harming the environment because of its electricity consumption) will have a much greener focus.
The interest in the event has been so strong lately that web searches for it have skyrocketed to an all-time high.
To give consumers additional information about the highly-anticipated transition, the American multinational technology company – Google – launched a countdown clock that shows how many days are left until the shift is completed.
Sam Padilla – a top engineer at the firm – was the one to announce the feature. The search engine’s estimations match previous ones, indicating that “the Merge” will see the light of day on September 15.

Hey @VitalikButerin @drakefjustin & other @ethereum folks, go google “the merge” for a fun little surprise & appreciation.

Everyone is so excited for what is coming and appreciative of the work that has been going into this for years.

— Sam Padilla (@theSamPadilla) September 9, 2022

A recent survey revealed that the residents of Singapore are the most interested in the upcoming development, while Switzerland, Canada, Germany, and the US follow shortly after.

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