Australia Could Soon Regulate Stablecoins and the Digital Yuan

Australian Senator Andrew Bragg published a bill on Monday that aims to regulate cryptocurrency exchanges, as well as stablecoins and the digital yuan.
The bill requires companies to submit operating licenses for trading or managing digital assets.
He questions the benefits of an Australian CBDC and believes that the country is not ready for its issuance.

Stablecoins, China’s digital yuan, and cryptocurrency trading via crypto exchanges and other DeFi companies could be regulated very soon in Australia if the Senate and government approve the bill introduced by Senator Andrew Bragg on Monday.

The Liberal legislator said on Twitter that “Australia must keep pace in the digital assets race,” which is why he believes this bill should be passed “to protect consumers, promote investment & protect our interests.”

The Digital Assets (Market Regulation) Bill 2022 establishes the obligation for companies that trade or manage digital assets to apply for licenses. This includes cryptocurrency exchanges and other companies that provide custody services for digital assets.

The bill also requires licenses for the issuing companies of stablecoins in Australia. Likewise, the bill establishes disclosure requirements for platforms that facilitate trade with the e-Yuan, the digital currency of China’s central bank, in the country.

Criticism of the Labor government

In a statement published on Monday, September 19, Bragg claimed that the Labor government considers cryptocurrencies to be a “scam” and is therefore starting its work from scratch.

He said that if the regulation of digital assets was being “driven by vested interests at class action law firms or superannuation funds,” surely Minister Stephen Jones would have introduced a bill on the matter by now.

According to the legislator, the lack of legislation on the crypto industry in the country is leaving Australia behind on this issue. But, in addition, consumers are unprotected and the promotion of investments in cryptos is being discouraged. He fears that many startups in the crypto industry will leave the country.

Australia must keep pace in the digital assets race: a bill to protect consumers, promote investment & protect our interests.

Media statement:
New Bill:

— Senator Andrew Bragg (@ajamesbragg) September 18, 2022

On the Flipside

Although Senator Bragg is an outspoken supporter of cryptocurrency development and regulation, he doesn’t support the issuance of a CBDC by the Australian central bank.
He doesn’t support the issuance of a CBDC, at least not for now, without first having legislation and a “serious program” since, in his opinion, the Australian economy has high exposure to risk.
The Reserve Bank of Australia, on the other hand, has called for stablecoin regulation before introducing a CBDC.

Why You Should Care

Bragg pointed out that the bill has the fundamental objective of providing “an effective regulatory framework” to the country on the use and trade of cryptocurrencies. But, additionally, it establishes guidelines for certain banks to make periodic reports on the use and availability of the Chinese digital yuan.

The senator believes that issuing a digital currency will not benefit Australia, because CBDCs have a problem with privacy. However, he believes that the Australian government should make some proposals about other CBDCs that are circulating in the country.

Senator Andrew Bragg’s bill will be up for public discussion until October 31, 2022.

The Australian government is known to be working on a set of “crypto asset reforms” aimed at improving cryptocurrency trading and related services provided.

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