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Fintech-Ideas brings blockchain functionality to its range of platforms

Berlin, Germany, 3rd July, 2022, Chainwire Enterprise software developer Fintech-Ideas has integrated a suite of blockchain tools to its SaaS offerings. The provision will enable businesses to utilize powerful web3 features such as tokenization, NFTs, and distributed storage. The integration of blockchain functionality into the company’s fintech and marketing platforms will deliver web3 services on […]

Russian Media Censor Roskomnadzor Blocks Major Crypto News Website, a leading news outlet in Russia’s crypto space, has been blocked by Russia’s telecom and mass media watchdog, Roskomnadzor. The site is now inaccessible through most Russian internet providers, the online edition announced, stating it intends to contest the measure. Roskomnadzor Denies Russians Access to Crypto news website became unavailable to most […]

Circle Taps New York Community Bank as its Latest Custodian for USDC Reserves

Circle has tapped a New York state-based community bank as its latest custodial provider for USDC reserves. The move reflects Circle’s strategy to deepen partnerships with Community Banks across the U.S., attempting to make payments more inclusive to underserved communities. Under the new agreement, New York Community Bancorp’s bank subsidiary, New York Community Bank, will […]

Argentines Turn to USDT as a Hedge After Finance Minister Quits

Argentines turn to stablecoins as a hedge after the resignation of former Economy Minister Martin Guzman on Saturday. Guzman penned a resignation letter published on Twitter after months of infighting surrounding a renegotiated deal with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), which the preceding administration had inked. The price of USDT in Argentinian pesos at crypto […]

The future is a way, not an end Web5 vs. Web3

numerous were shocked by the news that TBD, an assistant of Block, Twitter’s co-producer Jack Dorsey, declared the start of the Web5 outlet. At first, Web1 was known as the web. At this phase, the first websites, outlets and online systems were expanded, and users could only skim the data, without the opportunity for direct […]

Are expiring copyrights the next goldmine for NFTs?

Most people think of digital art when it comes to NFTs, but in the future, expiring copyrights could be preserved, refreshed and repurposed using nonfungible token technology. Although non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are most commonly known in the form of digital art, they exist in many other forms and represent much more than just art.  In […]

KuCoin CEO Strikes Back, Saying Withdrawal Rumors Are FUD

Johnny Lyu, the CEO of KuCoin, has shot down rumors of withdrawal issues and insolvency at the firm, saying that “everything on KuCoin is operating well.” Lyu made the statement after a number of Crypto Twitter (CT) accounts began speculating about the financial wellbeing of the firm. Twitter user Otteroooo was among the profiles recommending […]

US Millennials Own More Crypto Than Mutual Funds: Survey

According to a research conducted by the investing firm Alto, 40% of the American millennials (those aged 26-41) hold cryptocurrencies. Nearly the same share of people own individual stocks, the survey estimated. Millennials and Their Affinity for Crypto The poll further informed that more US millennials had distributed some of their wealth into crypto than […]