Axie Infinity Down As Terra Luna Posts 200% Gain In Bear Market

Axie Infinity has suffered huge gains alongside Luna, another bear market loser whose dramatic fall triggered the current bear market. Shocked investors are leaving both projects in favor of the presale at The Hideaways – a project offering truly giant rewards via its VIP membership scheme.

Axie Infinity Falls From Grace

Axie Infinity technical analysis indicates a bearish pattern that is triggering investors to leave the once popular token.

In 2021, Axie Infinity suffered from a hack and the price suffered as a result. The price hasn’t managed to recover since, with the AXS price currently $14.53. After setting an all-time high of $160.36, investors have been holding that the price will recover.

Fortunately, there has been some good news for Axie Infinity as the US government was recently able to recover $30m of tokens stolen in the 2021 hack.

Terra Luna (TERRA) Posts 200% Gains

The Terra Luna price shot up 200% recently, delighting investors who were suffering following the cryptocurrency’s fall from grace. A fall from grace that is widely accepted as being the cause of the current bear market.

The Terra Luna price is currently $5.95 with investors hoping that it will post further gains following a rampant rise.

Unfortunately, the Terra Luna price reached $7.05 on 9 September before losing almost 50% to reach its current trading price.

Is Terra Luna (TERRA) a good investment? Luna (TERRA) has shown the ability to post huge gains recently and investors can hope that these are repeated in the coming weeks.

The Hideaways Presale Offers Investors  5* Holidays

Gold tier membership at The Hideaways offers investors a free 2-week holiday in a selection of 5* hotels worldwide.

By investing $10,000, investors will have access to a luxury global concierge service backed by audit giants Deloitte, an annual free 5* holiday for 2 weeks, huge staking rewards, discounted private jet flights, and much more. The value of these rewards is in excess of $100k annually – a truly outstanding membership scheme.

Not only that, but investors will earn passive income through rental rewards on their investments. The Hideaways presale is proving to be hugely popular as a result, with VIP tier memberships selling out quickly. A price increase is imminent and demand is said to be so high that another price rise is expected before the end of next week.





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