Binance Value On The Rise As Binance Card Adds XRP & SHIB, as New BEP-20 Token Revolutux Sets For Launch

Binance (BNB) is one of the most successful blockchains on the current crypto market, being host to a vast range of services attempting to bring the benefits of blockchain technology to a broader audience.

This means that Binance (BNB) is routinely updating and expanding its services. This can come in the form of updates to their pre-existing projects like Binance Card or announcements of new projects built on Binance (BNB) like Revolutux (RVLT).

But what do these projects and updates offer Binance (BNB) users, and are they worth considering?

Binance Card Adds AVAX, XRP, and SHIB Support

Avalanche (AVAX), Shiba Inu (SHIB), and XRP (XRP) have all become supported tokens on Binance Card, recent news has announced.

The card, which primarily functions as a way for users to make day-to-day Visa payments, allows users to put cryptocurrency into their account, which is converted into their local EUR currency like Euros or Pounds Sterling.

This update now allows fifteen of the most prominent industry tokens to be used and converted with the Binance Card, with the three tokens above joining the likes of Ethereum (ETH), Cardano (ADA), and many others within the system.

For those looking for a new way to utilise their crypto in physical spaces, the Binance Card is a fantastic option. And with these new tokens added to the support roster, the Binance Card is set to continue to soar in popularity.

Revolutux (RVLT) Brings Big Ideas to Binance (BNB)

Another update from Binance (BNB) comes from a recent BEP-20 token set to launch soon. This is Revolutux (RVLT), a DeFi platform set to host various services for its community.

Revolutux (RVLT) will have four primary aspects to their DeFi ecosystem. These will be a DAO, a SWAP, an NFT marketplace, and a staking program. This will allow users to engage with the platform in any way they see fit, based on their interests within the crypto space.

The Revolutux DAO, for example, will play an essential role in increasing the value of the RVLT token whilst also giving the token users more control over the platform’s future. In the DAO those holding RVLT tokens can cast votes and participate in decision-making, with votes having more weight depending on the token volume behind them.

This will make those passionate about the platform more likely to acquire HODL coins, which in turn means that it will be those who care most about Revolutux (RVLT) guiding the project’s future.

Similarly, another aspect of the Revolutux (RVLT) ecosystem that will help it in its mission of growth is its NFT marketplace. This space will allow users to reap financial rewards through buying, selling, and trading NFTs, using the RVLT coin.

The multiple angles for participation in the Revolutux (RVLT) ecosystem are crucial for the platform to reach its goal of revolutionising cryptocurrency and giving financial power back to the people. This is because, through these multiple outlets, Revolutux (RVLT) is giving multiple options for users to generate revenue while avoiding centralisation found in traditional financial sectors.

These factors combine to make Revolutux (RVLT) a highly lucrative project, with the potential to reach great heights during its presale and public launch. Moreover, with 65% of the total 50 Billion RVLT tokens available through these means, there is much to go around.

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