Bun B Just Released His Debut NFT on Curios

Rapper Bun B has just released his debut NFT, powered by Curios and in collaboration with TDECU.  We do not know much about the drop yet. However, it is safe to say that it features an artistic rendition of the rapper’s face, as shown in a tweet by Curios.

The UGK rapper has just dropped his first NFT.
Image source: Billboard

The UGK rapper’s debut NFT: What we know so far

So far, we know Bun B is dropping an NFT in collaboration with Texas Dow Employees Credit Union (TDECU) and the Web3 platform Curios. In Curios’ tweet, a physical art piece of Bun B’s face is featured alongside its digital counterpart. Therefore, it is safe to assume that this is the NFT.

This is not the rapper’s first foray into the NFT space. He is the proud owner of Bored Ape #6184 and also launched the first Bored Ape Yacht Club-themed restaurant, Bored & Hungry, in Long Beach. Additionally, he also collaborated with NFT rapper Spottie WiFi on his track “All Time High.”

About Bun B

Bun B is best known for being part of the southern rap duo UGK alongside Pimp C. Apart from his work with UGK, he has released five solo albums. He is also an important figure in the southern rap scene.

Bun B has recently turned his focus to tech, particularly NFTs and Web3. In an interview with Trapital, he opened up about how he believes the metaverse will open up access to both artists and fans. He also mentioned that in terms of releasing his own NFTs, it has to be true to his art and what he represents. We are therefore looking forward to seeing what Bun B’s NFTs will be about!

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