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EU Agrees On New Crypto AML Laws For Crypto Transfer Tracing

The Transfer of Funds Regulation (TOFR) was the subject of a preliminary agreement between the European Union’s Parliament, Council, and Commission on June 29. The regulatory frameworks the E.U. is putting in place for cryptocurrency regulation include the TOFR. EU Sets Tone For Crypto Transfer Tracing Criminals will find it harder to use cryptocurrency for […]

EU Agreement Reached on Anti-money Laundering Rules for Cryptocurrencies

European institutions have reached an interim consensus on a set of EU regulations that will burden crypto companies with the obligation to help prevent money laundering, among other illicit activities potentially involving digital assets. The progress comes as the Union seeks to comprehensively regulate the continent’s cryptocurrency market. EU Officials and Lawmakers Agree on AML […]

Project Kick-Off: STRMNFT Marketplace Hits 5,000 Registered Users

PRESS RELEASE. StreamCoin announced that more than 5,000 users have registered for its STRMNFT marketplace. The Web 3.0 live streaming company says it accomplished this feat in less than a month after opening user registration on May 31, 2022. StreamCoin users have been supporting its vision since January 2022, though the company also noticed significant […]

Neobanks Set to Prevent Crypto Exchanges From Entering Their Territory by Launching Crypto Products

The showdown between neobanks and cryptocurrency exchanges will be fierce, as a large number of banks are looking to dabble in cryptocurrency offerings. In return, the exchanges have begun offering the traditional banking services of lending and borrowing and issuing credit and debit cards. Mark Daly, VP of Growth at Zero Hash, a crypto service […]

Bitcoin Price Poised to Close the Worst Quarter in its History

With bitcoin continuing to experience adverse price movements and dumping below $20,000 for the second time in June, the asset is on the brink of registering its worst-performing quarter in about a decade. Bitcoin’s 60% Q2 Drop Data from Coinglass shows that the primary cryptocurrency is down by almost 60% in Q2, which will end […]