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Center, an NFT indexing company, has raised $11 million in a seed round

Center, a new company that makes tools for NFT, said on Thursday that it had raised $11 million in a seed round of funding.

The American companies Thrive and Founders Fund both took part in the round.

Center was started by Omar Bohsali last year. He has worked at Coinbase and Paradigm in the past. The Center said in a mission statement released in March of this year that its goal is to make NFTs useful to both users and developers. To do this, it says it keeps track of 120 million NFTs and wants to index and classify every NFT on every chain.

“It’s kind of like indexing the web, but instead of web pages, we’re putting all digital property rights that don’t need permission in one place,” the company said in an exclusive release to The Block.

The company’s seed round comes after a rise in interest in NFTs and the appearance of several NFT search engines in the last year.

Numbers Protocol, which is a decentralized picture network, released its NFT search platform in December, but the link to the search feature on its website was not working at the time this article was written. Last month, HUMBL also said that its cross-chain NFT search tool for web3 would be coming soon.

The Center’s five-person team is also making tools for NFT developers, such as an API for rendering NFTs and tools to help chains work together.

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