Chipotle and Roblox release new item in the metaverse

California-based restaurant chain Chipotle Mexican Grill became the initial restaurant to introduce a new menu item in the Roblox metaverse.

The Garlic Guajillo Steak features tender slices of steak seasoned with garlic and Guajillo peppers and garnished with cilantro and fresh lime. The app was launched via the Chipotle Grill Simulator experience in Roblox and will be available in real-life (IRL) at select Chipotle restaurants across the United Stated and Canada.

The simulator is a virtual cooking challenge based in the world of Chipotle’s Burrito Builder world on Roblox. Below are some details about the experience:

• Upon accessing, users meet head chef Nevilelle and select their outfit. They are then transported to the Chipotle’s kitchen, where they participate in a cooking challenge to grill and season as many steaks as possible before time runs out.
• Users who successfully finish the challenge will receive a free access code, which can be redeemed for an IRL Garlic Guajillo Steak.
• Users get BURRITO BUCKS, that unlock unique virtual items and equipment inspired by the Guajillo Garlic Steak.

Plus Roblox users, an additional 30 M Chipotle Rewards members in the United States and Canada gained access to the new item through,, and the Chipotle app.

And for those who missed the early drop, starting today, the Garlic Guajillo Steak will be available for a limited time in restaurants, online, and for delivery orders in the US and Canada.

Chris Brandt, Chipotle’s Chief marketing officer, stated that the release of the new menu item in the metaverse is a way for restaurants to share “the culinary traditions and real food offering with Gen Z.” Chipotle has been partnering with Roblox continuously since 2021, when it released a Halloween-themed “Boorito Maze” in the metaverse.

Restaurant chains are accessing the metaverse

Chipotle probably be the initial major restaurant chain to release a new menu item in the metaverse. But it is definitely not the only restaurant investing time and energy in Web3. Countless stories were covered about food and beverage companies setting up shop in the metaverse. Below are three of the most appealing.

A few months ago, Wendy’s reported that anyone with a Quest 2 headset could visit its metaverse restaurant in Meta’s Horizon Worlds. Similar to the Chipotle simulator experience, users can compete in challenges and win IRL food. Besides, there is a “Fanta-filled” park fountain and a virtual basketball court.

Then, American wings and waitress chain Hooters applied for Web3 and metaverse-related trademark. The restaurant said it was interested in creating NFT versions of menu items, plus a virtual restaurant.

Lastly, Subway sent three Metaverse-related patents to the United States Patent and Trademark Office in May. The trademarks mention NFTs and virtual “food and beverage” items frequently. In addition, it has plans for a virtual restaurant which will be linked with IRL stores.

Currently, Chipotle looks like a leader when it comes to creative restaurant chains in Web3 and the metaverse. And while we haven’t tried the new Garlic Guajillo Steak yet, if it is as good as its release was creative, surely Chipotle fans will be satisfied.

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