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Colorado Governor Jared Polis Is Using NFTs To Fund His Campaign

NFTs have undoubtedly revolutionised the way fundraising and crowdfunding works. Colorado Governor Jared Polis is one of the politicians making use of the power of web3 to fund his campaign. Governor Jared Polis has launched his own NFT collection in preparation for his re-election bid in 2023.

The Colorado Governor is using NFTs to fund his campaign.
Photo credit: WBUR

About Colorado Governor Jared Polis’ NFT collection

Governor Jared Polis announced he is dropping an NFT collection to support his campaign via Twitter: “I’m beyond excited to announce my campaign is dropping an exclusive collection of NFT’s! I’ve always supported emerging technology and I’m looking forward to being among the first to implement NFT’s into campaigns.”

Jared Polis’ 2,022 are set to represent illustrations of objects that are personal to the governor and highlight the best of the state of Colorado. These include an image of the Governor’s dog, as well as a rainbow-coloured mountaintop, among many others.

The primary function of these NFTs is for the Governor to raise money. They will also serve as digital mementos for his supporters. Due to their utility, the NFTs are designed to be accessible to first-time NFT buyers. Priced at $52.80, the NFTs will not be available on the secondary market. In addition, holders can use their NFTs as tickets to various events during the Jared Polis campaign cycle.

Politicians & NFTs

Jared Polis is among the first politicians to launch NFTs as part of a campaign trail. However, he is not the first. Democratic candidate for Congress Shrina Kurani launched NFTs to encourage people to donate to her campaign. Additionally, Republican senatorial candidate Blake Masters has shown his support for NFTs and crypto and even minted NFTs for his campaign. Undoubtedly, as NFTs continue to gain mainstream popularity, more and more politicians will use NFTs to fund their campaigns.

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