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Cristiano Ronaldo Partners With Binance To “Change the NFT Game”

Legendary footballer and global sporting icon Cristiano Ronaldo is partnering with Binance to change the NFT game! The world’s largest crypto exchange announced that the star has signed onto an exclusive multi-year NFT partnership. So does this mean that we will soon see CR7 NFTs? Let’s go over all the details.

The football legend is changing the NFT game with Binance!

All about Cristiano Ronaldo’s new NFT partnership with Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo announced the partnership via a video on his social media accounts earlier today. Significantly, the decorated footballer has one of the biggest social media followings in the world. To illustrate, his Twitter and Instagram accounts boast a jaw-dropping 560 million followers combined.

By the same token, the video has 5.7 million views on Instagram and 1.8 million on Twitter. Clearly, this goes to show just how impactful Cristiano Ronaldo can be for Binance as they enter this partnership. Notably, the video itself is light on details. In it, Ronaldo tells fans that together with Binance, he is going to “change the NFT game and take football to the next level.”

In its own announcement tweet, Binance adds that the partnership is an exclusive multi-year deal based around NFTs. It also added that “This is your opportunity to own an iconic piece of sports history and join CR7’s Web3 community.”

As one of the most beloved celebrities in the world, Cristiano Ronaldo’s entry into the NFT space with Binance is colossal. Of course, he isn’t the first huge sports star to enter the NFT space. Most notably, Ronaldo’s main footballing rival Lionel Messi has previously made strides in the NFT/crypto space as well.

All things considered, the Cristiano Ronaldo partnership news will excite Binance users, and the wider crypto and NFT community. And judging by the reaction to the news, is it fair to say that Cristiano Ronaldo fans are thrilled at the opportunity to pick up some CR7 NFTs? For the answer, we’d have to quote the man himself:


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