DeGods & Y00ts Founder Frank Is Hiring: Here’s How to apply!

Renowned founder @Franksdegods has announced that they’re expanding the team at both Y00ts and DeGods. Frank made the announcement on Twitter and LinkedIn, which included all of the available positions. Here’s all the information you need to apply.

Y00ts and DeGods, two of the most prominent Solana NFT collections, are hiring. Woot Woot! Credit: JuuJugirl#5016

What positions are available at DeGods? How can I apply?

Just today, Frank DeGods announced via Twitter that 8 positions have opened up within the two Solana collections. This includes a staff illustrator, an events coordinator, a graphic designer, a UX designer, a data analyst, a head of partnerships, a content strategist, and an e-commerce specialist. It’s worth noting that the job descriptions will be posted shortly.

Furthermore, not only did Frank DeGods post about the open positions on Twitter, but on LinkedIn as well. The NFT space is practically non-existent on LinkedIn so it’s a great place to apply. Hence, direct messaging the founder or replying to the post is the best chance to gain exposure. In addition, having an updated and well-formulated resume or portfolio will be beneficial.

Frank DeGods created a LinkedIn account and made this post outlining the open positions.

Getting Hired at Y00ts and DeGods

With such a large and active community, we can expect there to be countless applicants wanting to be a part of the teams. Nevertheless, only the highly skilled will be chosen to fulfill these sought-after jobs. With minimal positions available and fewer than 10 hires, the process will be very competitive. “If you’re applying for DeGods/Y00ts please remember not to take it personally if you don’t get hired … They’re not only going to be highly selective, but <10 hired,” said @AvgMikey in a tweet. 


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