DeSo: The Answer To Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey’s Call for a Decentralized Social Media?

DeSo, a decentralized social blockchain, recently announced the release of its ambitious roadmap to decentralize social media and build the social layer of Web3.

The released roadmap is set to be executed over the next two quarters solving major problems within social media today. For their first milestone on the roadmap, DeSo announced its integration with MetaMask, which went live last week. The integration has made it easy for Ethereum users to easily log into DeSo with just one click. The platform also plans to add more cross-chain communication bridges between other ecosystems.

Commenting on the release, Nader Al-Naji, the founder of DeSo, stated:

“Most people don’t realize that social media is more centralized than the financial system was when Bitcoin was invented. Only a handful of companies currently control what we see and do online. We can solve this problem by decentralizing social media and storing all content on a blockchain.” 

DeSo is a new layer-1 blockchain built to decentralize social media and scale heavy storage applications for billions of users. Decentralized Social is empowering an internet that’s creator-led, user-owned, and open to millions of developers worldwide to build off one another. 

The journey ahead will see the DeSo development team move the project from Proof-of-Work to Infinite Proof-of-Stake. The move is intended to reduce consumption and help the blockchain become more energy efficient.

DeSo also plans to hold a hackathon at a major Ivy League Institution where students can compete in building the next great decentralized social network.

Another expected milestone includes a critical COO hire to help scale business and marketing operations. All the above are expected to be completed by the fourth quarter.

DeSo has already gained the attention of many within the Social media industry, which is predicted to be worth trillions in the next decade, having attracted over 6 billion users. Notably, many experts suggest that decentralized social media will be at the top of this revolution.

DeSo is well positioned to lead the shift into decentralized social media. The platform was recently ranked first in Messari’s seven other crypto trend analyses due to its overall addressable market. Deso already has several social media applications emerging from its ecosystem, including Diamond App.

The roadmap comes as a new message emerged From Elon Musk and Jack Dorsey that suggested an idea for a blockchain-based social media protocol that does payments and short text messages. Also, there was a conversation between Elon Musk and Sam Bankman-Fried, the founder of FTX, about making a blockchain Twitter or buying Twitter outright.

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