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Drama between Comedian Kmoney and Goblintown Turns Ugly

Overall, the atmosphere at NFT NYC this week has been one of excitement and celebration. Unfortunately, not everything has been smooth sailing. For examples of some things going not quite to plan, look no further than the current dispute between Goblintown and content creator Kmoney.

Kmoney took to Twitter with complaints about a live performance mix-up at Goblintown’s party at NFT NYC. Credit: @kmoney_69 on Twitter

How did the drama between Kmoney and Goblintown NFT start?

Basically, this all started earlier this week when aspiring comedian and NFT content creator Kmoney tweeted about Goblintown. In a thread of now-deleted tweets, Kmoney expressed anger with the Goblintown team for how it handled his performance slot at its NFT NYC party.

In essence, Kmoney accused the Goblintown team of canceling his performance without telling him. Clearly, this didn’t sit well with the content creator, though his Twitter outburst was met with mixed reactions.

On one hand, there were many people supportive of Kmoney who believed that Goblintown was in the wrong. On the other, many also criticized the way Kmoney addressed the situation. In particular, some took issue with Kmoney doxxing the Goblintown team member in charge of producing the event.

The company behind Goblintown, Truth Labs, addressed the issue in its own tweet thread yesterday. It began by saying,

“Due to the event starting late because of the pandemonium outside, we had to bump the second part of the event to start Steve Aoki’s set. It’s unfortunate that we ran out of time for his performance. We understand why he is frustrated.” However, it went on to condemn Kmoney’s actions towards its crew and staff.

By this morning, the saga had taken a dark turn. Kmoney tweeted that he has received two death threats since his tweets about Goblintown. In addition, he claimed that someone leaked the address of his New York City hotel.

All in all, this is a hugely unfortunate incident. Whether people take issue with Kmoney’s initial tweets or not, it’s hard to paint the outcome as reasonable. Here’s to hoping the two sides can work things out, and that the NFT space as a whole avoids incidents like these in the future.

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