EQIFi Partners with Gamer-Loyalty BUFF, Exposing Web2 Gamers to $EQX

Gamers on Buff’s platform now gain access to EQIFi’s DeFi suite, including the ability to enjoy EQIFi’s native $EQX token, access to yield products and earn Buff points as they learn how to level up their financial future.

EQIFi, a leading regulated global DeFi services platform backed by EQIBank, joins forces with gaming platform Buff Technologies ltd

Through the partnership, EQIFi will enjoy exposure to the Buff gamer’s community in order to expose them to the DeFi world and teach them how to build wealth through token staking and other DeFi services on its platform. EQIFi will also inform Buff’s global gaming community about DeFi concepts such as yield aggregating, depositing digital assets, and taking loans against digital assets.

“We are thrilled at the opportunity to partner up with Buff,” says Brad Yasar, CEO of EQIFi. “Esports and gaming have seen explosive growth in the past years. We look forward to empowering gamers with banking and financial services custom-tailored to their growing needs.”

Consumers have become accustomed in recent months to reading headlines akin to “UK real wages decline as inflation soars” and “Turkey lowers interest rate even as inflation soars to 80%.” And, of course, inflation in the U.S. reached 8.6% in May—the highest rate since 1982 and one of the highest rates in the world today. In response, consumers are adapting their spending habits and searching for novel ways to maximize the potential of their assets.

EQIFi answers their call, offering consumers a wide array of opportunities to earn yield through staking its native $EQX token and others. EQIFi now opens its platform to Buff gamers. The long-term partnership will focus on providing financial education to the community while teaching them how to invest in $EQX and grow their investment, accelerating financial growth using the entire product suite EQIFi has to offer.

The partnership will be kicked off with a Learn & Earn incentive, where Buff users will be explained how to use DeFi tools to level up their personal finances. The users will be given access to a series of content followed by short quizzes. As Buff’s community learns about EQIFi’s product suite, they will be rewarded in Buff points that can in turn be redeemed for gamer-centric items in the Buff marketplace. 

“The collaboration with EQIFi falls within Buff’s vision to appear in every gamer’s toolkit,” says  Elay de Beer, CEO of Buff Technologies ltd. “Buff wishes to expose its user base to a variety of new opportunities, including Web 3.0. Now, they’ll be able to explore this space and build their financial futures through the EQIFi’s suite of products.”

EQIFi makes DeFi as accessible as regular online banking, offering users a convenient platform incorporating the largest array of financial services in the DeFi space. Backed by a licensed bank, the platform grants its clients the certainty and security that comes with the highest level of regulatory compliance. EQIFi’s relationship with EQIBank also cements it as one of the most efficient gateways between DeFi and traditional finance, providing its users with a streamlined crypto/fiat On/Off ramp for greater control over their finances.

About EQIFi:  

EQIFi is a leading regulated global DeFi services platform backed by EQIBank, a global licensed digital bank. EQIFi offers its users a wide array of financial services, including a DeFi yield aggregator leveraging third-party yield protocols for maximum returns as well as loans and deposits. The platform bridges the gap between decentralized and traditional finance and makes using crypto as convenient and easy as traditional online banking.

For more information, visit https://www.EQIFi.com/ 

About Buff:

Buff is a Gaming platform that issues loyalty rewards to players of triple-A games such as Fortnite, Valorant, Counter-Strike, and league of legends, among other titles. Additionally, the platform is tailored to the needs of gamers. Issuing real-life and loyalty rewards to gamers based on their in-game actions have helped establish global social communities for these games.

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