Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is suing GoDaddy over the sale of

True Names Ltd, the company that runs the popular web3 Ethereum Name Service (ENS), has sued GoDaddy and others over the sale of the domain. Last week, a lawsuit was filed in Arizona, USA, to stop the sale of to DeFi company Manifold Finance. Manifold Finance bought the domain name on September 4 for $851,919, but the lawsuit wants to stop and stop the sale. Now, ENS and Virgil Griffith, who used to own it, are suing the auction sellers, GoDaddy, Manifold Finance, and Dynadot.

ENS is suing GoDaddy and other businesses.

The fact that ENS and Virgil Griffith filed a lawsuit in Arizona shows that they are determined to get back control of the domain. But it’s a lot more complicated than it seems at first. GoDaddy might say that the domain name has run out of time and that it should have been added back to the pool of available names on September 5. GoDaddy said in a statement on August 25 that the domain would end on September 5. This was a big deal. People say that GoDaddy gave the domain to another registry called Dynadot LLC, which then put it up for auction.

What will happen next in the GoDaddy ENS domain story?

On September 4, Manifold Finance (@foldfinance) tweeted, “ was just sniped by us. Services to be restored once ownership transfer complete.” Nick.eth, the lead developer of the ENS, was shocked by the news and asked, “Where?” It hasn’t technically ended yet; did you bid on a website that catches drops? Want to talk to me directly? ”

It is not clear what will happen between ENS and GoDaddy in the weeks after the lawsuit is filed. The domain is owned by Manifold Finance as of right now. The Arizona legal system will decide whether or not the sale is legal.

The domain is an important part of the eth.domain name ecosystem. Programmer Virgil Griffith made it so that.eth domain names could use it as a “rotating service.” It basically acts as a bridge (hence the name) between ENS domain names and the web2 domain name system (DNS). When you use today, you will see a message that tells you how the service is running and gives you links to the Manifold Finance website.

In the next few weeks, we’ll find out if and how ENS and GoDaddy’s relationship changes.

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