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Finally, The Damien Hirst NFT Experiment Is Finished

After a year, the Damien Hirst NFT test is finished, and nearly 50% of NFTs remain. The 365 days program by one of the world’s greatly significant recent artists has been greatly profitable. The brightness of the NFT collection, named ‘The Currency’, is that for each NFT, there is a complementary physical copy. On whole, there were 10,000 NFTs. At last, 5,149 NFTs were traded for physical art, and 4,851 NFTs presently remain.

Damien Hirst – The Currency NFT program started last year on 27th July 2021. The impression behind the collection was to deliver art whilst imploring problems about web3 longevity and reimagining how we utilize NFTs.

The Currency includes 10,000 hand-painted, primary coloured paintings, with a spontaneous arrangement of luminous areas coating each part of the art. The enthusiasm for the collection comes from artwork the English artist Damien Hirst established in 2016.

The previous year, during the NFT bang, Hirst started to assume how he could utilize NFTs in his imaginative technique. Finally, this came to be the Damien Hirst NFT experiment, recognized as The Currency. Originally amounting to $2,000 at the mint price, it sold out quickly and reached a maximum of over $12,000 at one point this year.

The most exhilarating facet of the Damien Hirst NFT investigation is the fact that it appears with a different twist.

Owners of the Damien Hirst NFT have had a year to decide whether to keep the NFT or progress a physical piece of Damien Hirst’s art. Those who selected to protect their NFT would discern their physical copy demolished and vice versa for those appointing the art piece.

So, now the experiment is finished, Damien Hirst is getting on to burn the remaining artworks. Finally, 5,149 NFTs were traded for the complementary painting, meaning 4,851 NFTs remain. Presently, the artist will burn the 4,851 physical editions.

It is difficult to understand the significance of Damien Hirst in the art world in the 20th and 21st centuries. His art is important presently, and it will only increase in the future. So although more people agreed to trade their NFTs for a physical part of art, this is yet an enormous accomplishment for the NFT area.

The Damien Hirst NFT Experiment Is Over – Here are The Stats!

After 365 days, the Damien Hirst NFT experiment is over, and almost 50% of NFTs remain. The year-long project by one of the world’s most important contemporary artists has been hugely successful. The brilliance of the NFT collection, called ‘The Currency’, is that for each NFT, there is a corresponding physical copy. In total, there…

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