Following OpenSea’s decision, X2Y2 will enforce royalties

A few weeks ago, it appeared that most NFTs were abandoning creator royalties. Even OpenSea considered making them optional. OpenSea maintained royalties due to creator pushback in, and now a competing Ethereum marketplace will do the same.

X2Y2, which debuted this year and had a busy summer, announced today that it will impose creator-set royalties on all NFT collections, including ongoing and new projects.

X2Y2’s Flexible Royalty model allowed creators and collectors to influence how strictly the market enforced royalties. Only artwork and access passes could properly enforce royalties. Ineligible were PFP projects.

We respect OpenSea’s code, even if we disagree about royalties.

X2Y2 acknowledged on Twitter today that many recently launched projects used OpenSea’s blocklist code, which prevents NFTs from being traded on marketplaces that don’t fully enforce royalties. He lauded OpenSea for supporting creator royalties.

The “code” is cryptography’s only self-evident aspect. Since [OpenSea] released OperatorFilter two weeks ago, most new projects have adopted it, says X2Y2. We respect the law, it continued.

X2Y2 reported removing the Flexible Royalty setting for new OpenSea blocklist projects, but it would now enforce the royalties set for all current NFT projects.

X2Y2 respects OpenSea for risking its market share to defend royalties.

In response, OpenSea tweeted that it had removed X2Y2 from its blacklist of prohibited marketplaces. As a result, NFTs from creators who employ the OperatorFilter code can now be traded on X2Y2.

” Proud to stand with you–and the many brilliant creators in our community–on this critical measure. @the_x2y2 has been removed from our OperatorFilter and we hope other marketplaces will continue to join us. Onwards and upwards”

OpenSea deserves respect for risking market share to defend royalties.

NFTs are blockchain tokens representing ownership. The NFT market traded $25 billion in digital goods like artwork, PFPs, collectibles, and video game items in 2021. An NFT royalty is a fee paid to the original creator from a secondary market sale.

Such royalties cannot be fully enforced on-chain with popular NFT standards like Ethereum and Solana, but top marketplaces previously respected them as a social construct. Creators and collectors view royalties as essential to Web3’s philosophy.

New trading platforms like SudoSwap and Yawww ignored royalties this summer in an apparent attempt to take market share from the leading marketplaces. Since Magic Eden changed its policy last month, almost all Solana trades are conducted on systems that don’t respect or demand royalties.

OpenSea is considering making enforced royalties optional, following X2Y2, Blur, and LooksRare.

Yuga Labs, maker of the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and other NFT creators opposed OpenSea, and The Hundreds postponed an NFT drop. OpenSea abruptly reversed course last week and said it would continue to require creator royalties from all projects, new and old, that use its blocklist product.

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