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Hideo Kojima’s NFT surprise finishes with physical collectible verification

With lots of gaming corporations going into the NFT market, enthusiasts are often on the high lookout to catch which creator will adopt the contentious technology next. Yesterday, gossips that Metal Gear Solid and Death Stranding producer Hideo Kojima was leaping into the non-fungible world set off appreciation to a tease from an NFT near firm, Anicorn.

Finally, it was all just for a physical collectible from Kojima Productions and Anicorn.
The original statement directed a lot of interest among Hideo Kojima’s fanbase.

Anicorn creates physical outputs like watches but also establishes NFTs. Because the early tweet teasing the collaboration was ambiguous, responses to it were full of prayers that the program wouldn’t be an NFT statement or anything associated with the metaverse.

We’ve spent more than 2 years designing and developing this PHYSICAL limited collectible collection with @Kojima_Hideo @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN and Mr. Yoji Shinkawa @KojiPro2015 @KojiPro2015_EN. please stay tuned for further updates. Disclaimer: This is not a NFT collection #Kojima

— ANICORN (@Anicorn_Watch) August 3, 2022

Finally, Anicorn verified in two tweets that it’s working with Hideo Kojima and Yoji Shinkawa on a physically restricted collectible collection that hasn’t been unveiled just yet. The recent collection is verified to ship worldwide and should publish sometime in 2022.

Gamers do not react well to NFT ventures from several corporations. Lately, Square Enix unveiled a recent Bring Arts Kai toyline Cloud Strife figure that’s established to whack shelves and online marketplaces late next year to the shame of its fans. This physical figure appears packaged with digital cards as well as an NFT edition of the iconic Final Fantasy 7 protagonist. Nonetheless, for those not eager, there is an easy physical version for a lower rate that comes with only the property you can touch.

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