Highstreet and Animoca Brands Announce Metaverse “Initial Home Offering”

Highstreet World, a retail-focused MMORPG metaverse, has partnered with Animoca Brands for an “Initial Home Offering” (IHO) of 5,000 futuristic All-Terrain Trailers. Highstreet players will be able to purchase these homes. With this IHO, Highstreet aims to fulfill its vision of bringing together the stories and adventures of traditional brands and Web3 ecosystems to develop the cornerstone for the future of business.

The Highstreet NFT homes will function as recreational vehicles that turn into permanent homes.

Here’s all you need to know about the Highstreet x Animoca Brands IHO:

About the Highstreet x Animoca Brands IHO

The homes for sale of the upcoming IHO will be part of the Highstreet World metaverse. The virtual world is made up of a host of regions with unique characteristics. One of these is the Animoca Archipelago, an island chain off the coast of Solera, Highstreet World’s main continent.

To be sure, Highstreet World is off to a promising start to develop user elements for meta-living. Here, anyone from across the globe can become part of a diverse, creative metaverse community.

“We are committed to a metaverse that is open and interoperable,” said Yat Siu, the co-founder and chairman of Animoca Brands. “Highstreet is an exciting investment for us because it brings together brands from both the Web3 and traditional online worlds, allowing assets to flow between them. We look forward to making the Animoca Archipelago in Highstreet World a virtual destination where our many different communities and many others can come together in one place.”

About Animoca Archipelago

Along with the Highstreet IHO, Animoca Brands is also unveiling the ‘Animoca Archipelago’. A region in the Highstreet World, Animoca Archipelago features a network of islands, each representing a brand or game that is part of Animoca Brands or that Animoca brands have a stake in. These include REVV Motorsport, LayerZero, ApeCoin, PSG Talon, and more.

In short, the Archipelago has deep integrations with games from Animoca Brands’ ecosystem and an esports league. This gives players a great new way to be part of a vast, connected gamer community. 

“Animoca Archipelago is a place where many universes shaped by games, brands, and IP coexist in harmony,” said Travis Wu, CEO of Highstreet. “Models and assets from other projects will function within this enormous space, where users can interact with each other in novel ways. 

Furthermore, the Highstreet x Animoca Brands collaboration will make way for new possibilities to make Highstreet World better. The addition of more features, especially in collaboration with Animoca Brands’ portfolio companies, will encourage more gamer adoption and participation.

Different versions of the Solar Model All-Terrain Trailer are available.

When will the Highstreet IHO start?

Firstly, whitelisting for the Highstreet IHO will start this month. Once the IHO goes live, the minting will take place on Highstreet’s marketplace. However, the metaverse is yet to announce more details on how to participate in the sale. Make sure to follow its social media channels for any updates.

The upcoming Highstreet IHO with Animoca Brands follows in the footsteps of a previous sale on the Binance NFT marketplace. At the time, the total trading volume had crossed $10 million. What’s more, currently, the floor is at 250% of the mint price. 

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