Hunter Biden, the son of the US President, has been questioned about his NFT investments

The Twitter Spaces live interview with Hunter Biden deteriorated into chaos after he was ostensibly cut off the line, and the host flew into a frenzy about his “tied” hands surrounding the questions he could ask the president’s son.

The Crypto Roundtable Show host Mario Nawfal often reserves Tuesday for discussing NFTs with guest Hunter Biden (non-fungible tokens). But Biden didn’t really speak much about NFTs or cryptocurrency.

Together with “Tron” creator Donald Kushner, Biden appeared on the program to talk about his drug rehabilitation and how painting nonstop has helped him stay sober. Kushner also promoted his Web3-inspired Cryptosaurs NFT brand.

The men appeared to leave without saying anything as Nawfal thanked them for taking part in the interview. Nawfal became furious over what he perceived to be a slight and complained that his “hands were tied” in terms of what he could ask Biden.

“They just jumped off now,” he said. “So, that gives you an idea of how – behind the scenes, that was tough. … There were a lot of requirements we had to meet. F— that was so stressful. That was so f—ing stressful, man.”

He continued, “There are several stories that I was ignorant of that really increased the complexity and difficulty of this.”

“Usually, I’m very open, I ask questions, I debate,” he added. “It’s like a free mic, anyone could ask any questions. We always let debates happen. But this is the first time where we, like, kind of f—ing hands tied: ‘These are the questions you ask. You can’t ask any other questions.’ And, bro, it was difficult.”

Nawfal vowed not to make the same mistake again.

He said, My fault was to accept any guests, I don’t care if it’s a president next time, any guests that come on, that’s my rule moving forward as of today,” he said. “Any guest that comes on from now on has to be ready to be able to answer any f—ing question we want to ask – no pre-packed questions.”

The conversation was then lost owing to an apparent problem, according to a producer who said he was “getting messages indicating they didn’t leave.”

The co-writer of Cryptosaurs with Kushner, Mike Bonhoeffer, lambasted the host for drawing conclusions too quickly.

I have not heard anybody thrown under the bus that way because of a glitch on your system that knocked Donald and Hunter off the network go so quickly dark and put the blame on somebody that had no control over what happened and quickly construct a narrative,” Bonhoeffer said. “This is part of the bull—- that goes on. You build a narrative that had no basis in truth.”

“Hunter is somebody who does not want to talk about politics because he’s not a politician, he’s an artist,” he continued. “And we took a look at the stream of vitriol that came when you put the promo up on your Twitter feed, and it was thousands of people s—-talking Hunter Biden. So, we had to put constraints on this.”

Before more technical difficulties abruptly forced producers to reset the broadcast, Nawfal acknowledged that he jumped to conclusions regarding the disappearing calls.

In a statement following his return, Nawfal noted that the incidence of errors was extremely “strange,” and he emphasized that he will no longer accept questions or topics that have been previously authorized.

The federal government is currently looking into Biden’s international business dealings and tax obligations. A request for comment from Fox News Digital was not immediately answered by his attorney.

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