Johnnie Walker is releasing 250 NFTs on Blockbar

Together with BlockBar, 88rising, and Vayner3, the premium whiskey brand Johnnie Walker is releasing the Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle and NFT. The exclusive Blockbar-only set of 250 NFTs comprises designs by Vandy the Pink. On December 1st at Art Basel, holders will be invited to a special whiskey event.

johnnie walker NFT drop

The highly desirable VANDYTHEPINK x JOHNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL capsule collection drops exclusively on Blockbar on November 22. On November 21, members of the Web3 community and token holders of Blockbar’s Johnnie Walker token and Johnnie Walker POAP will be granted early access. On top of that, the 355-dollar bottle is restricted to adults over the age of 21. In particular, the buyer will be given an NFT certificate attesting to their ownership of the bottle. BlockBar will store the bottle in question until the time comes for the owner to burn the NFT and take possession of the physical good in question. In addition, NFT holders can trade their digital assets on the Blockbar exchange.

Art Voting Experience

The partnership is releasing a new imaginative experience for whiskey aficionados following the success of Ghost and Rare NFTs. Through their partnership, BlockBar and Vayner3 will offer NFT holders a “token-gated voting experience.” The final design of the bottle that each holder receives is decided by a vote. Specifically, Wendy, the Pink will create five different designs from which holders can choose. Designs such as “Harmony Clouds,” “Bold Dragon,” “Royal Fan,” “Flowers That Are Fully Open,” and “Fish That Are Perfectly in Tune” are included. The NFT exhibit marks the debut of Vandy the Pink’s work.

Jungoon Wendy Son, often known as Wendy the Pink, intended her bottle art to symbolize the harmony that Johnnie Walker and 88Rising foster by uniting different groups.

Furthermore, the Johnnie Walker Blue Label NFT will be revised after the vote results are made public on December 1. The most popular design will be used for future Vandy the Pink x Johnnie Walker Blue Label bottle production. And if you decide to burn your NFT, we’ll send you a special edition Blue Label bottle to commemorate the event!

Providential Services for Other Johnnie Walker NFT Owners

All of our services go well beyond that! Johnnie Walker NFT holders will be given early entry to V at SCOPE during Art Basel on December 1st. Along with seeing Vandy the Pink, they will also receive an original piece of artwork created just for the occasion, signed by the artist. At long last, holders will be able to try out a Blue Label specialty drink.

About Wendy, the Pink, Wyner3, and 88 Rising

Virginia-born streetwear designer Wendy the Pink is widely recognized for her bold, fun, and energetic aesthetic. Gary Vaynerchuk established Vayner3, a Web3 consulting firm. His main objective is to lead major corporations into the next wave of consumer trends.

88Rising is an American music label, video production studio, and advertising agency. By doing so, he has created a space for Asian artists to be heard and seen.

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