Join The Monster Galaxy P2E Gaming Experience For a Brand New Web3 Journey

Millions of players have been enjoying the MONSTER GALAXY game series for years – and now you can enter their NFT-powered experience too! The iconic project’s new P2E game includes MOGA NFT trading, staking rewards, and a valuable in-game token, just to name a few. The game series creates a smooth journey through five fantastic lands – beginning with the idyllic town of Sunshire. Now, web3 tech enhances the game. 

If you’re ready to join this amazing gaming experience, let’s find out all about it!

The popular game series Monster Galaxy enters the Web3 universe with new features, tokenomics, and more!

What is Monster Galaxy?

MONSTER GALAXY is a leading mobile game series inspired by Monster Hunter and Pokemon. Launched in 2011, the game has been attracting over 25 million players from all across the globe – so what’s all the hype about?

In short, the game involves exploring five vastly different lands, all with their own unique inhabitants. As a player, you can use special items to engage in battles. Or, you could tame mystical creatures called Moga. Once they get a team of tamed Moga, players can win battles using their element-based attacks.

Now, these amazing creatures are ready to enter the Web3 universe through the MONSTER GALAXY Play-to-Earn experience. Let’s see where MOGA fits into this brand-new blockchain game!

MONSTER GALAXY is a leading mobile game series inspired by Monster Hunter and Pokemon.

Everything you should know about MOGA NFTs

Remember Moga? Those cute monsters that MONSTER GALAXY players must train and tame? The characters are available to mint and trade as NFTs.

 There are 7 levels of rarity: common, uncommon, rare, super rare, epic, legendary, and galactic. In short, the rarer the NFT, the harder it is to capture in the game.

You can find the adorable MOGA NFTs in the game’s virtual store and major NFT marketplaces. Then don’t forget: Players also have a ‘delegation’ system. To explain, NFT owners can delegate their MOGA to other players too, thus sharing the profits!

However, this experience wouldn’t be possible without the game’s native tokens: Galaxy Gems (GGM).

What is the Galaxy Gem (GGM) token?

Basically, Galaxy Gems are the tokens behind the in-game economy. Therefore, players can earn these tokens by completing quests and engaging in battles.

Why do you need GGM? To begin with, you can use them to buy energy and additional slots for MOGA. In addition, you can stake your GGM tokens to get rewards and privileges in the game.


The Galaxy Gem token enhances the MONSTER GALAXY experience by adding value to players and traders.

With a total supply of one billion, the GGM tokens’ distribution happens as follows:

300 million tokens will come as in-game rewards that will support the game economy over a 48-month period;
200 million tokens are kept safe for the game ecosystem in case they’re needed;
190 million tokens will be used for liquidity rewards as well as staking over a 48-month period;
170 million tokens go to the Monster Galaxy team and advisors;
120 million tokens are saved for private sale with a 3 to 24-month vesting period;
20 million tokens will become available in public sales to be unlocked within a month after the sale occurs.

The team behind MONSTER GALAXY is backed by powerful partners, including the giant Animoca Brands.

Who’s behind the Monster Galaxy P2E experience?

Monster Galaxy P2E was created by Galaxy Games. This powerful team consists of industry veterans experienced in game development and design. Now, they’re all ready to embrace Web3 technology for a new Play-to-Earn experience – and they’re not alone!

Accordingly, Monster Galaxy P2E has backing from web3 giants, Animoca Brands. In addition, the game’s partners include Enjinstarter, TrustPad, and Treasureland among others.

Are you ready to join the 25 million players enjoying Monster Galaxy? Make sure to follow the project on social media to stay up to date on important updates, game features, contests, and more. Connect to your fellow Moga Tamers and check out their top-class community events!

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