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Join the Snoop Dogg copy who walked around NFT.NYC

Doop Snogg, the impersonator, was employed to “drum up excitement” at the NFT.NYC committee.

A man imitating hip-hop icon Snopp Dogg got on around NFT.NYC to flame things up at the nonfungible token incident, the expectation was to make some entertainment to the committee, there were various reactions from the online society.
In a tweet, Kevin Collier shared his meeting with the copy Snoop Dogg in Times Square. Regarding Collier, the guy who clothed as the famous rapper was not Snoop Dogg but an imitator employed to “drum up excitement.” Collier expanded that the occasion “feels like a metaphor,” implying the copyright problems encompassing NFTs.

Holy shit that name tag tho

— amosmelli (@regiscake) June 21, 2022

Twitter user Regiscake shared a picture of the copy Snoop Dogg with his VIP nametag, reading “Doop Snogg”:
While Doop Snogg was there to raise the enthusiasm for the incident, not everyone was happy about it. Redditor u/Synthpop denounced the action, characterizing that NFTs have copy art, copy advertisements and a copy Snoop. “Everything is on-brand so far,” they composed.
Redditor u/Az_ wasn’t affected by the copy Snoop Dogg. Conveying their disappointment, the Redditor characterized that NFTs, a technology established to insure genuineness, are presently “being checked with a fake edition of someone.

#NFT platform MoonPay has partnered with Universal Pictures, Fox Corporation and Snoop Dogg’s Death Row Records.

Together, the parties will launch the HyperMint #NFT marketplace.

— Alt Crypto Gems (@AltCryptoGems) June 21, 2022

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