KLAYMETA: The Sustainable P2E NFT Gaming Ecosystem

KLAYMETA is a popular play-and-earn game redefining the boundaries of MMORPG gaming with NFT avatars. This sustainable economy is made possible through several measures, including KLAYMETA’s unique breeding mechanism, Fusion, which launched earlier this year. Significantly, the ‘gameplay-centered’ project  entices users with their progression features, in which the summoning and Fusion of the Avatar NFTs play a key role.

KLAYMETA is a P2E game offering sustainable MMORPG gaming with NFT avatars.

Recently, the team added a new game mode into the growing ecosystem called Adventure. KLAYMETA is hosted on the Klaytn blockchain, and is launching soon on the BNB smart chain.

This project has incredible potential, with an upcoming integration of a metaverse. Moreover, KLAYMETA’s Avatars, which are all unique NFTs, offer a simple and low-cost entry point into this welcoming ecosystem.

What is KLAYMETA? 

KLAYMETA is a unique P2E game that wants to challenge the status quo of NFT gaming. Developed by Natris, the team behind Hero Blaze: Three Kingdoms, KLAYMETA has NFT avatars, staking, and breeding mechanisms. Furthermore, users can enjoy quests and adventure gameplay through its META quest feature.

There is also a brand new Adventure game, plans for much more, including an expansive ecosystem. Significantly, KLAYMETA also has its own native token, called $META. This token is available to use across the KLAYMETA universe.

Summon your KLAYMETA NFT Avatar!

The avatars are an essential part of the vast ecosystem. To explain, each avatar is a unique NFT with its own attributes and skills. Using the “summon avatar” feature generates random metrics in class, attributes, elements, appearance, and equipment for your character.

Put simply, it is a unique alter ego of the player in the KLAYMETA universe. Once you have your NFT avatar, you can use it in both Meta Quest and Adventure modes.

You must use the summon avatar feature to get your very own avatar. One NFT avatar costs 30 $KLAY or 40 $KAI, equivalent to around $8.5 dollars. You swap the $KLAY or $KAI for one $MST – this is the KLAYMETA summon token. With this, you can get your very own unique NFT avatar.

Furthermore, you can combine three avatars and 10 $META to summon one new incredibly rare avatar. Unlike regular summons, Light and Dark elements can occur due to this exciting transformation. 

You can create your very own unique KLAYMETA NFT in minutes!

Introducing Fusion

Progression style games are becoming hugely popular. Their new Fusion feature was added this year to make the most of the progression in KLAYMETA’s MMORPG game. 

Fusion is not only a deflationary mechanism that offers KLAYMETA a future proof system economic model, but it also provides a hugely sustainable NFT population. Previously, other popular NFT games have suffered from NFT overpopulation. Accordingly, this Fusion upgrade system aims to reduce this occurrence in the KLAYMETA ecosystem.

Significantly, Fusion encourages gameplay. To illustrate, players get numerous rewards after questing or adventuring. With this, they can save up, buy a new avatar, and even fuse it with their previous avatar.

Essentially, Fusion allows the player to progress through the game alongside their avatar. Users will have the chance to to develop their quests and adventures while increasing base combat skills or character points.

KLAYMETA Fusion gives you greater gameplay options

Instead of the traditional summon, Fusion allows you control over the transformation process. Users can select two equipment items with attributes they want to keep, whether for aesthetics or practicality.

Fusion works by combining two avatars for 6 $META, although the price increases after each Fusion you perform.

Fusion allows you to upgrade your NFT in new ways.

The new KLAYMETA NFT game mode – Adventure

The Adventure game mode is a fascinating concept by KLAYMETA, which wants to challenge players, encourage them to use Fusion, and upgrade their avatars.

To begin, you must summon five or fewer avatars that together reach the requirements for each set Adventure. 

KLAYMETA Adventure difficulty levels are D Rank(3), C Rank(3), B Rank(2), A Rank(1), and S Rank(1). When an Adventure is complete, the game resets with new parameters but retains the same difficulty. 

Through completion of each Adventure, players earn META points and crafting materials. Put simply, the more complex the Adventure, the higher the rewards on offer.

Join the growing KLAYMETA NFT community now!

So you want to join the KLAYMETA universe and create your very own unique avatar. To participate, head to the KLAYMETA website, and summon your first avatar! For around $8.5, you can begin an extraordinary journey within this growing ecosystem that offers sustainable P2E game mechanics and progressive gaming.

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