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Lacoste Discord is the most recent victim of a hacking attack

The next big NFT discord servers to be hacked will be the official Lacoste Discord. The attack specifically went after people who used Discord by telling them they could see their NFT early. But if they had clicked on the link, the scammers would have taken over their entire cryptocurrency wallet. Today, the Lacoste Discord said that the situation is no longer dangerous and that they are looking into it.

The Lacoste Discord hack fits a pattern of fraud.
Lacoste, a famous French clothing company, has been growing its web3 presence and has recently started an NFT project called “UNDW3.” The official Lacoste Discord has more than 83,000 users, which makes it a busy place. Because of this, fraudsters have decided to target it.

“The hacker gave a fake link to a copy of the UNDW3 website that had a fake mint reveal link and asked users to sign a transaction,” the admin said this morning on Discord. Because of this, the scammer got all of their money. After finding the attack, we got rid of all the announcements and bad accounts on the site right away.”

Lacoste’s Discord seems to have followed all of the security rules. Even though they think one of their moderator tokens has been hacked, Lacoste has promised to look into it. We all know, though, that hackers only need a small mistake to get in.

Discord is still under hack

It looks like hackers still like to go after Discord. Because there are so many people on one server, it gives them a great chance to go after several people at once. Check the URLs you click on twice before you click on them. If you don’t know if a link is real, don’t click on it.

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