London NFT Exhibition To Feature Top Artists: Sandro Kopp, Floria Sigismondi

If you’d like to explore top NFT artists such as Sandro Kopp or Floria Sigismondi, the Glimpses of Art exhibition is for you! The event will feature over 30 artists from across the world, 90% of which are non-binary and female creators. From paintings to photography and digital creations, each art piece creates an unforgettable sensory experience.

The upcoming art exhibition created by Glimpses of Art features over 30 visual artists, including Sandro Kopp! Credit: Sandro Kopp

What is the “Glimpses of Art” NFT exhibition about?

If you’re ready for an immersive visual experience, the “Glimpses – We are what we see” exhibition opens between 11-17th October in London. The event will showcase mixed-media artworks from over 30 artists, all sharing the same theme: identity exploration.

From physical intimacy to emotions and freedom, this exhibition invites us to see what we truly are. Its inaugural show follows the same concept, including lighting, A/V interactions, and unique design. After all, it was carefully planned by none other than curators Auronda Scalera, Lidia Ravviso, and designer Andres Roto.

All in all, more than 90 visual artworks will be ready to take you on a unique sensory journey.

From paintings to sculptures and photographs, the exhibition is all about diversity. Artwork credit: Kim Jakobsson

Sandro Kopp, Floria Sigismondi, and more to get featured

To begin with, more than 90% of the artists featured in the exhibition are non-binary creators and women. Each participant has a fascinating background originating from different corners of the world.

The most notable names are Sandro Kopp, a leading digital and traditional artist based in Scotland. Floria Sigismondi, who directed music videos for Dua Lipa, Christina Aguilera, and more, will also showcase her art. In addition, Sculptor Gianna Dispenza and embroidery artist Nicole Mazza will take the exhibition to a new level.

Of course, NFT artists couldn’t miss the exhibition either. Attendees will enjoy digital artworks from Vidya, Gucci collaborator Sasha Katz, Kamilja, and more.

It is incredibly exciting to finally announce our upcoming London exhibition and the debut of the Glimpses model,” said curators Auronda Scalera and Lidia Ravviso. “We have curated an impressive collection of artworks and are thrilled to showcase the many talented artists who have taken part in questioning convention and censorship. We hope the exhibition will stimulate and challenge visitors and help give them a new perspective on what identity means to them.”

The exhibition will take place in London between October 11 – 17th. Credit: Glimpses of Art

What is Glimpses of Art?

In short, Glimpses of Art is an art agency that opens the door for emerging artists into the current market. As part of this goal, the company has a strong online presence too.

For the moment, Glimpses of Art hosts pop-up exhibitions across Europe and the United Kingdom. Usually, the events’ theme revolves around identity, intimacy, and self-exploration.

Accordingly, the agency will soon launch a gallery in the Metaverse too. In fact, each artwork revealed at the London show will be up for sale via the company’s e-commerce!

All in all, the Glimpses of Art exhibition brings traditional and visual arts together in a unique artistic manner. With artists such as Sandro Kopp and Florida Sigismondi there, Glimpses of Art will provide a powerful experience for everybody.

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