Meet HEXGO NFT: The NFT Brand That Rewards Members

A new NFT brand called HEXGO is here, and the team behind it has huge plans to become a premier blue chip NFT ecosystem. The private collection of 5,000 Ethereum NFTs goes on sale on Sunday, October 2nd, at 11 AM EST. However, you can apply for this exclusive VIP invite-only whitelist right now via the official HEXGO NFT Discord.

Apply to join the VIP HEXGO NFT whitelist right now via Discord.

HEXGO already has over 100 partners in the NFT space, and the network is still growing! The NFTs will offer utility never seen before in the NFT space, creating a truly 50/50 NFT. Holders will benefit immensely, with 50% of royalties returning to the community. 

What is HEXGO?

More than just another NFT’ project’, HEXGO views itself as a web3 brand that will change how we view the notion of the NFT community.

HEXGO offers a different perspective on the NFT model and aims to disrupt the status quo. In fact, the NFT brand has a vision that provides non-stop action and longevity.

With a team of over 50 staff, this is a fast-growing company. In addition, as a registered business, they offer 100% transparency and an experienced team of experts.

What’s more, the exciting team has already announced over 100 partnerships in the web3 space, including NFT project partners, crypto partners, and entrepreneurs!

The HEXGO NFT 6 Core Utilities!

The Six core utilities make up the HEXGO hexagon. These utilities will help the brand move forward and create an NFT ecosystem that offers heavy-duty utilities and long-term value.

The core values are:

HEXGO Vault – Hundreds of NFTs will be stored here and given away to community members! 250+ OpenSea NFTs brought weekly from 100+ HEXGO NFT partners. There is even a “crack vault” contest, and 50% OpenSea NFT royalties will go directly into the vault!
HEXGO Club – Exclusive access to a VIP members-only club.
HEXGO Rewards – Access to coupons, discounts, events, merch, and gifts.
HEXGO Ecosystem – Join over 100+ combined NFT projects in this huge NFT network!
HEXGO Meta Pass – Entrance into the clubhouse and everything else inside the Meta Savages (MS) Metaverse island.
HEXGO VIP Key – You can join various whitelists and find educational materials, tools, and other utilities. 

HEXGO NFTs will go on sale Sunday, October 2nd!

HEXGO NFT Vault Cards

Five thousand of the HEXGO NFT Cards are on offer for this exclusive collection, and there are three levels of rarity.

First, there’s the Silver Card, followed by the Gold Card, and finally, the Black Card. Silver Card has 3,700 (74%) NFTs, Gold Card has 1,250 (25%) NFTs, and the ultra-exclusive Black Card has 50 NFTs, making up 1% of the entire collection. 

Of course, each of these NFTs provides access to the fantastic six core utility features of HEXGO. The only difference is how many vault keys you receive. Silver gives you one key. Gold gives you three, and Black, a massive ten keys! Basically, each vault key is an entry into the competition raffle to win NFTs.

Significantly, these excellent utility NFT Vault cards also give you entrance to the amazing HEXGO brand, and as the project grows, so will the value of these NFT cards!

The HEXGO NFTs also come with huge rewards! As a holder, you will have access to physical and virtual events, store discounts and coupons, gift cards, giveaways, merchandise, and more.

The HEXGO Roadmap

A huge focus for the HEXGO team is creating a meaningful and innovative community brand with long-term sustained hype and realistic but incredible goals!

Furthermore, after the VIP NFT drop, the team plans to announce new partnerships, expand its team and relocate to a new office, create a merch store and open its MS metaverse space.

Finally, don’t forget that you can apply for the HEXGO NFT drop right now. There is no mint price yet, as it is to be decided by the community.

Head over to the official HEXGO Discord to find out more. The NFTs go on sale on Sunday, October 2nd at 11 AM EST, and it is an excellent opportunity to join an exciting NFT brand. The full NFT reveal will take place on October 9th.

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