Meet The Bitverse: An Exciting Gaming Blockchain Universe!

Kongregate, a leading game developer, has officially announced The Bitverse, a collection of exciting web3 games in a nostalgic, 8-bit universe. This massive interconnected game world revolves around the unique characters that inhabit it, called The Bitverse Heroes. With a total collection of 13,600 heroes NFT avatars, these warriors are customizable and will level up, as your progress, across all three games! The mint price for these extraordinary heroes NFTs starts at $99, and you can sign up now to join the presale (only 2,500 NFTs) on the 22nd of September, at 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST.

The Bitverse is a colossal gaming universe created by the leading game developer, Kongregate!

What is The Bitverse?

Created by the team at Kongregate, the pioneering blockchain game developer, The Bitverse is a vast universe of fun and nostalgic gaming. Play with your Bitverse Heroes NFT, explore, battle, and have fun across this fabulous, custom-built world.

The Bitverse will consist of a wide range of games in the future, and the work behind the scenes is phenomenal. The games are varied, allowing you to interact in several ways with the ecosystem. Play Battle Royales, Running games, and so much more! Each game has different mechanics and styles, offering you variety never before seen in blockchain gaming,

The Bitverse will feature a combination of fungible and NFT items for players to collect and earn. This will reward users for engagement with the metaverse. It is a fully funded project with a massive team of experts involved. They do not depend on sales to secure the future of The Bitverse, adding an extra layer of security for players! There is something for everyone in this new and exciting world.

The Bitverse games!

So far, The Bitverse has confirmed they will release three games at launch. Each of them is different from the others and, of course, they are also excellent! However, this is just the start of the new ecosystem. In fact, there are four more games planned for 2023. These are Bit Heroes – a Kongregate fan-favorite cross-platform MMORPG, and Bit Heroes Arena – a battle royale shooter currently in open beta. A third game is now in development, with plans to launch later this year. 

Bit Heroes initially launched in September 2016 and was a huge success, with over 15 million lifetime players. Now it will go live on the blockchain! It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) and relies on role-playing elements combined with multiplayer online gaming. Kongregate will use this as the foundation for all future Bitverse game launches. 

Bit Heroes Arena will launch in Q3 this year. However, you can already try the open beta. This enthralling survival battle royale game pits players against monsters, and other players, in a winner-takes-all fantasy world.

The Bitverse allowlist is now open and offers a fair and random opportunity to join this remarkable ecosystem.

More games to come in 2022/2023!

The third game is under wraps right now. However, Kongregate has a proven track record of success and creative world-building, so expect something mind-blowing! With over 16 years of experience, Kongregate is a game-building expert.

More games will join as The Bitverse universe grows, and they will also rely on player feedback to help this process. There is a real sense of community behind this project, and with a substantial Bit Heroes fanbase worldwide, it promises to be a huge gaming world!

Bitverse has three games confirmed for 2022, with plans for at least 4 in 2023!

The Bitverse Heroes NFTs

In total, 13,600 of The Bitverse Heroes will be released in 2022. However, right now, during the presale, there are 2,500. The Gen 0 Bitverse Heroes NFTs are ready to fight monsters across the metaverse right now. Select your champion and help restore order and peace to The Bitverse world.

There are three different types of NFTs, and prices start at $99 for a common Bitverse Heroes NFT portal. The portal allows you to select your glorious champion! Rare Bitverse Heroes are $349, Epic is $649, and Legendary is $1,199. The NFTs come in various levels of rarity too! There are 1,1117 Common, 650 Rare, 378 Epic, and 355 Legendary!

The Gen 0 collection of Bitverse Heroes consists of 2,500 NFTs!

You can now sign up to the allowlist via The Bitverse website. By doing this, you can participate in the presale on the 22nd of September! This is a fair and random process, so everyone has a chance to join the incredible Bitverse ecosystem. Finally, don’t forget that these NFTs are playable across all of The Bitverse games! To find out more, join the growing Discord Community, or follow them on Twitter!

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