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MTV will present an award for “Best Metaverse Performance”

MTV has added a category to the Video Music Awards called “Best Metaverse Performance.” This category compares performances like Ariana Grande’s in Fortnite to Twenty One Pilots’ in Roblox.

The Hill says that voting is now open for the metaverse category and twenty-one others. On August 28, during the live VMA broadcast, MTV will announce the winners.

The full list of nominees is as follows: Ariana Grande’s headlining performance at the Fortnite Rift Tour, Blackpink’s concert in PUBG: Mobile, BTS’s performance in Minecraft, Charli XCX’s appearance in Roblox, Justin Bieber’s interactive virtual experience in Wave, and Twenty One Pilots’ concert in Roblox.

MTV says that the growing number of artists who host their music online led to the creation of the new category.

MTV said, “We saw an opportunity to highlight and honor some of the best and most effective uses of this, as well as to honor artists who have found creative ways to use these spaces.” This is what led to the creation of the Best Metaverse Performance category this year.

Travis Scott was one of the first musicians to do this when he played at the Astronomical event in 2020. Since then, the connection between music and the metaverse has only gotten stronger.

In order to keep up with the latest trends, Fortnite worked with Coachella earlier this year to add elements from the famous music festival to the game.

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