NFT Naruto Museum signs agreement with Michael Jackson Estate

More than a decade after his death, Michael Jackson’s fame lives on with posthumous albums, Broadway shows, and continued cultural relevance. After dominating the fabric world, it looks like the King of Pop may be moving quickly into the metaverse world.

Meanwhile, NFT Naruto Artwork museum, a Japanese museum and NFT company, has signed an exclusive agreement with The Jackson Household Basis Japan. This new collaboration will see the latter receiving exclusive rights to MJWWT “Michael Marvel World Toys.”

The way this will work

According to the official press release, MJWWT is a fictional world which Jackson himself drew over a 10-day period in 1992. This world performs as “an amusement facility to liberate the world poor youngsters”.

This commitment leads to the concept being recreated to give the world a glimpse of the visions Jackson had before his death. While no official release date is set at this time, those who are members of the museum can get the Michael Jackson Marvel World Toys whitelisted for his/ her asset wallets. The NFTs, in the flip side, can be used to gain access to top events and exhibitions.

“NFT Naruto of Artwork will cooperate with JFF (Jackson Household Basis) and JFFJ (Jackson Household Basis Japan) to appreciate the DAO museum, museum 3.0, that can join museums around the world, and transcend the ideology of “nation” and “time” to connect with the previous,” says the discharge.

Holders of the toys may be granted access to the MJWWT metaverse, that is slated to release within the next 12 months.

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