NFT Projects and Artists Celebrate the Merge of Ethereum with Historic Mints

Four seconds after the Ethereum Merge, the first transaction of an NFT created using the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus was approved.

Block 15537393’s timestamp for the Merge was 6:42 AM UTC on Thursday.The official timestamp for the Merge was at block 15537393 at 6:42 a.m. UTC on Thursday. At block 15537394, a user quickly paid 36.8 ether (ETH), which was worth $53,403.13 at the time, to buy an NFT with a panda face,which stood for the Merge.

Someone just paid 36 ETH in gas to mint this

The first minted NFT on proof of stake

— Cirrus (@CirrusNFT) September 15, 2022

Someone else on Twitter asked, “Is Panda the new Ape?” in reference to the NFTs from the Bored Ape Yacht Club. Some people said it was “historic” and “epic.”

Beeple, a well-known NFT artist, used the panda theme in his own proof-of-stake illustration, which shows a giant cyborg panda.

He added a second image of the Ethereum logo being created to celebrate the Merge.

While VanityBlocks, a specialized NFT project, was successful in tokenizing the last proof-of-work block of Ethereum, another project asserts that it is the first NFT collection on PoS Ethereum.

Allow the PoS NFTs to grow

The 3,003 anime-style avatars that make up the Web3 native lifestyle brand called Bloom were created “in the pursuit of minimizing our impact on our environment.” Since the Merge, the founders have all airdropped them.

The founders said they picked Ethereum to launch Bloom due to its market domination during a Twitter Spaces session on Thursday.
“At the end of the day, where the most volume is, where the most traffic is, and where the most economic value is — it’s all on Ethereum.”

gm. (good merge)

We did it.

We’re officially the first ever NFT Collection to mint on the PoS era of Ethereum

— BLOOM. (@bloomdotxyz) September 15, 2022

Bloom, which has a floor price of 0.5, is ranked tenth out of the top collections on OpenSea in terms of trade volume during the last day, behind Mutant Ape Yacht Club but ahead of Otherdeed and Otherside Yuga Labs collections.

Another collection named RENGA has been in the lead on OpenSea’s volume board all week, but notably over the past 24 hours. The RENGA initiative, which was introduced on September 2 before to the Merge, has progressively developed as owners of RENGA Black Box NFTs burn their tokens in exchange for a RENGA profile photo.

According to NFTGo data, the Black Box collection presently has a post-Merge sales volume of about 900 ETH in the last day and a market valuation of 8,874 ETH, or $12.6 million.

NFTs have also grown greener, although it is unclear how much more appealing they will be on PoS given that the network is using almost 99% less energy.

Otherwise, NFTs issued on Ethereum should be unaffected by the Merge.

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