OneRare: The World’s First Foodverse Game Now Live on Mainnet

Since blockchain started disrupting the gaming industry, the metaverse and play-to-earn (P2E) games have become quite popular, allowing players to earn passive income while having fun. However, most of the existing P2E games and virtual worlds are focused on popular genres such as action, adventure, sports, fashion, and war games, with little to no options for food lovers.

OneRare has stepped up to change the narrative by creating the first foodverse that features multiple NFT-based cooking games for foodies worldwide. The platform seeks to reshape the P2E gaming industry by adopting lossless tokenomics that help create a stable economy.

What is OneRare?

OneRare is the World’s first food metaverse or foodverse that is bringing food from around the World to the blockchain. It is a food gaming platform that combines the elements of NFTs with P2E to reward players for minting their favorite dishes.

As a global multiplayer NFT food game, the platform allows players to connect and go on adventures with other foodies worldwide. This way, players explore and learn about foreign dishes from different cultures.

OneRare has been under development since Q4, 2021. However, the platform recently marked a significant milestone by launching its first “Foodverse Island – The Gaming Zone” on the Polygon mainnet. Food lovers can now mint Dish NFTs and earn rewards on the platform.

How Does it Work?

OneRare is all about food! The platform has six farming pools with randomized ingredients for making different cuisines. These ingredients are in the form of NFTs, emitted at a fixed rate per hour.

To earn these ingredient NFTs, users must first stake ORARE, OneRare’s native token, in the pools. It is important to note that users cannot farm specific ingredients as each farming pool has a list of ingredients distributed randomly to farmers.

After claiming the NFT ingredients, users can use them to mint a Dish NFT. But the type of food a user can mint depends on their farmed ingredients. For example, users can make french fries if they have oil, salt, and potatoes. Once the meal is prepared, the ingredients NFTs are burned and cannot be reclaimed.

After a dish is minted, the number of ingredients required to mint it again will increase. For instance, if it costs 1 Oil + 1 Salt + 1 Potato to mint the first french fries, users will need 3 Oil + 3 salt + 3 Potatoes to mint the second french fries, and so on. This mechanism is designed to encourage early-mover advantage.

The platform has a Dish Calculator that provides a list of Dishes, and the number of ingredients users need or already have to mint a Dish.

Interestingly, OneRare plans to keep releasing new dishes from different cultures. The project releases 15 new recipes weekly that users can use to mint new dishes. In addition, OneRare recently launched the World’s 50 Favourite Dishes in its Around the World series.

OneRare Gaming Zone

The OneRare gaming zone consists of four sections that engage in different activities in the foodverse.


This is where farmers can grow dish ingredients by staking ORARE. As mentioned earlier, the platform currently supports six pools that randomly distribute ingredients to farmers.

The staking pools are:

Farm Fresh
Meat & Fish Co
Sunshine Dairy
Spice Village
The Good Grain

To make things interesting, OneRare designed the Farm to have events that can alter supply chains. For instance, droughts, pest attacks, and tornadoes can happen and destroy some crops. These adverse occurrences can cause scarcity, thus making the prices of ingredients more expensive in the Farmer’s market.

Farmer’s Market

This is OneRare’s in-game marketplace. Although the pools distribute random ingredients to farmers, users can trade specific ingredients and minted dishes in the Farmer’s Market. This way, users can purchase missing ingredients and sell the ones they don’t need.


This section is the hotspot of OneRare’s foodverse. Like in the real world, the Kitchen houses all the dishes on the platform. After players farm or purchase ingredients, they must come to the Kitchen to combine the ingredients to form a dish.


The Playground is OneRare’s play-to-earn arena, where users can compete with each other to earn NFT or ORARE rewards. The Playground is still under development and will feature different games users can play with their ingredient or dish NFTs. The project will first release two mobile-friendly games – Hippo Full and Foodtruck Wars.


ORARE is the native token of the OneRare foodverse, which powers all the activities in the ecosystem. The token has multiple utilities, including staking to earn ingredient NFTs, paying for transactions on the Farmer’s market, and participating in governance.

How to Start Playing on OneRare

Getting started with OneRare is pretty straightforward. Follow the steps below:

Install MetaMask wallet and create an account
Set up Polygon Network and purchase MATIC for gas fees.
Purchase ORARE tokens.
You can start farming ingredients and even mint a dish at the official website.

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