OpenLab Partners with TokenTraxx to Launch ‘The Mycelium Network’

Hot off the back of its industry defining ‘Future Pass’ launch, innovative music and arts platform, OpenLab, has announced the first of its exciting TokenTraxx collaborations. It is now bringing a first taster of the utility the tremendous NFT collectibles possess. All the while, opening a window to a hugely creative visual and auditory feast to enthral even the most ardent of connoisseurs.

Through this sensory endeavour, Future Pass holders will gain access to a series of amazing audio and visual collaborations. The finest digital artists will partner with celebrated music producers to create an explosion of colour and sound, resulting in a new wave of hypnotic, euphoria inducing NFTs with a backbone made of pure talent.

The very first drop in this ultimate partnership will see ‘The Mycelium Network’ spread its spores on the blockchain. A grand project that takes its inspiration from the interconnected web of fungi roots spread within the forest floor. Initially it will launch with two mighty artist collaborations, with another three in the pipeline, and all debuting in a series of highly collectable, non-fungible, digital keepsakes that owners can appreciate until the end of time.

Ellie Pritts and Kate Simko Stun the Senses

Sparking off a whole array of hypnotic, sensual creations, celebrated artist, Ellie Pritts has partnered up with the musical might of Kate Sumiko. Together, bringing their collective vision to life in a blaze of colour and sound. Famed for her spellbinding, psychedelic creations, Ellie will bring a touch of the surreal to the table. All the while, Kate has drawn from her considerable experience as the founder of the London Electronic Orchestra to perfectly marry sound and music into one perfectly formed non-fungible masterpiece.

Saeko Ehara teams up with Xiaolin for a Visual

On the flipside of the two artful drops, Japanese prodigy, Seako Ehara has paired up with the supremely talented Hong Kong-based music producer, Xiaolin, merging together Saeko’s love for all things that sparkle, with Xiaolin’s expertly crafted euphoric beats. The result is an enthralling composition playing to the talents of their respective mediums that sends those who witness it on an exhilarating thrill ride through art and music.

The Almighty Future Pass

The dual audio/visual NFT drop comes in association with the OpenLab ‘FuturePass’ initiative. A fine endeavour that leverages the power of the TokenTraxx platform to create an incredible new NFT experience. Holders of the coveted pass unlock a wealth of user benefits, including, VIP access to IRL concerts in Ibiza and incredible music-themed content, as well as early bird minting of exclusive NFTs, including those of ‘The Mycelium Network’. Interested parties can claim theirs now via the TokenTraxx platform on a hugely limited basis only.

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