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Meet the Snoop Dogg impersonator who walked around NFT.NYC

Doop Snogg, the impersonator, was hired to “drum up excitement” at the NFT.NYC conference. A man impersonating the hip-hop icon Snopp Dogg went around NFT.NYC to fire things up at the nonfungible token (NFT) event. While the intention was to bring fun to the event, there were some mixed reactions from the online community.  In […]

Web 3 Gaming Company, Emergent, Announces Launch of New Game

In an announcement made ahead of the release of their new gaming project slated to launch on the 29th of June 2022, blockchain and metaverse gaming company, Emergent Games, confirmed the impending launch of their new ARG (Alternate reality game), ‘The End’. The release will mark the first prologue stage of the studio’s plan to […]

New Philippines Central Bank Governor: Crypto Investors Are Adherents of the Greater Fool Theory

The incoming governor of the Philippine central bank, Felipe Medalla, has suggested that people that invest in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are adherents of the Greater Fool Theory. He also argued that people investing in cryptocurrencies are doing so because they want to “hide their money from the government.” A ‘Very Scary’ Investment Strategy The new […]

Michael Saylor Spurns Critics, Says Now Is A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin

MicroStrategy chief Michael Saylor, despite recent criticisms, in a CNBC interview on Wednesday, says that now is a good time to purchase Bitcoin. During the recent interview, the billionaire noted that Bitcoin’s average price, considering the 4-year simple moving average, sits around $21,685. According to Saylor, this particular price point has historically provided great buying […]

Two Meme Coins That Might Keep You Captivated: RoboApe (RBA) And Dogecoin (DOGE)

Cryptocurrency has been in disarray over the past month, with two crashes suddenly occurring. Unfortunately, this has left active and new investors reluctant to get involved in crypto due to many veteran blockchain networks such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Solana (SOL) and Terra (LUNA) all having their currencies rapidly decline in market capitalisation. Although […]

The Israeli Central Bank thinks the government should monitor DeFi Smart Contracts more closely

Bloomberg reports that in a study released on Monday (June 20), Israel’s central bank said that smart contracts for decentralized finance (DeFi) may need to be watched to prevent “malicious” behavior. Bank of Israel researchers working on the bank’s first test with a central bank digital currency say that smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain […]

Citi and METACO are creating digital asset storage

Through this partnership, Citi’s large custody network and METACO’s technology are combined to make a platform that lets customers hold and settle digital assets quickly and safely. Citi plans to fully integrate METACO’s bank-grade Harmonize platform for digital asset orchestration and custody into its current infrastructure. This will allow Citi to create and test capabilities […]

Rarible Reduces NFT Marketplace Fees to 1% Per Party

In what can quite possibly be seen as an effort to rejuvenate the NFT market amid these bearish times, one of the biggest NFT platforms of them all, Rarible, has announced that it has lowered its marketplace fees by over 50%.  Prior to the company’s announcement of the change in policy yesterday, those selling NFTs on […]