Pixie Lists Its Native Token PIX On KuCoin

Pixie, a social crypto app with 30,000 daily users, publishes its native token PIX on KuCoin, a renowned worldwide trading platform.

PIX coin listing marks the world’s first social crypto listing on an exchange. Pixie is a Web3 social networking platform that enables users to earn cryptos and preserve ownership of their data. It, therefore, became the first fully functional SocialFi product.

Pixie is a crypto-based photo and video-sharing social network similar to TikTok and Instagram. However, it does not sell user data. The start-up has 220k active users via Apple’s App store and Google’s Play store.

Pixie App users share live or planned video and image content to grow and engage with followers and earn PIX money for their activity and impact. One may use PIX to buy Genesis Cameras and all-capable NFTs that provide users with many perks. Users can currently trade PIX tokens on the KuCoin market.

Blockchain technology lets pixie users keep copyright ownership, data, and revenue. Pixie is a pioneer in securing digital content copyright using NFTs and blockchain technology.

Listing PIX coins on KuCoin strengthens Web3’s partnership. KuCoin Ventures invested in Pixie on August 26. Thus, helping Pixie promote the project and prepare for listing.

KuCoin’s Chief Investment Officer Justin Chou said. “We are happy with our in-depth relationship with Pixie. It establishes a crypto creative economy that allows users to own their data and profit from social activities.”

Amjad Suleman, Pixie’s Chief Business Officer, predicts customers would love the app. “Genesis cameras provide users with more PIX prizes for publishing and getting likes. Users create and own their posted photographs.

“Pixie chose KuCoin because it is a trustworthy exchange with a healthy ecosystem,” says Amjad Suleman.

About Pixie

Pixie is the first crypto-based Web3 photo and video sharing social network, establishing SocialFi. PIX is earned by social activity, including posting, liking, and reposting.

Web3 users can share their Ethereum NFT Assets via the Pixie App and get PIX rewards. Pixie lets users own their data, unlike other social media services.

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