Portal Fantasy RPG Will Be Launched on Avalanche Blockchain

The new play-to-earn RPG ‘Portal Fantasy’ will use the Avalanche blockchain. The developer’s team announced that the launch is anticipated in 2023. 

Attention by the Investors

Portal Fantasy is an upcoming browser-based, community-run pixel RPG that recently gained traction among investors in both the gaming and crypto industries. 

The list of the game backers includes Makers Fund, Blizzard Fund, Ava Labs, YGG SEA, Avalaunch, GFR Fund, Infinity Ventures, Genesis Block Ventures, Keychain Capital, C2 Ventures, Mirana, Wave Financial, and D1 Ventures. 

The developers’ team chose to launch the game on the Avalanche network. Avalanche (AVEX), together with Solana (SOL), has been nibbling away at Ethereum’s (ETH) market dominance. It became a go-to blockchain for crypto game developers by offering users lower gas fees and faster transactions.

Focus on Sustainable In-Game Economy

The ‘Portal Fantasy’ developers state that the new game will address the current unsustainability issue of the play-to-earn economy. As claimed in the game’s whitepaper, Portal Fantasy’s ecosystem will not rely on user growth to reward players.

Portal Fantasy has purposefully avoided pay-to-play mechanisms that allow whales to dump large sums of money to be rewarded. The self-sustaining model on which Portal Fantasy’s economy is based ensures that it does not rely on new players to reward existing ones.

The game will feature a steady reward system for active players to continue progressing and interacting with the game. To provide a constant source of engaging content for the game, game developers will focus on user-generated material and community interactions. Portal Fantasy game mechanics evolve among two player roles – Heroes and Architects. 

Heroes explore the game’s fantasy worlds and complete quests. Players can capture, battle, or train Pokémon-looking creatures called Porbles. Each of these creatures is a unique NFT asset. The architects’ playstyle is to create worlds and quests using the in-built map editor. 

Rewards will follow both playstyle paths. Heroes will be rewarded based on the completed quests, while the Architects will benefit based on the exposure their generated content receive.

The game is built around two tokens: the $PFT membership token (the signature Portal Fantasy token), and an off-chain ORB, the in-game currency token. According to the team, the total number of $PFT will be capped at one billion.

On the Flipside

While free-to-play games that bring real-world value to players are on the rise, some experts believe that the current play-to-earn economic model is unsustainable. Some play-to-earn models rely on a steady stream of new players, which resembles a pyramid scheme when the older players in the game earn based on how many newcomers they bring. Game developers need more thought-through game mechanics to sustain long-term value. 

Why You Should Care

The play-to-earn model is becoming the primary approach in the gaming industry. With the adoption of Web 3.0 technology, the gaming industry is moving towards a new type of game mechanic. This is a mechanic where players earn rewards with real-world value. Some predict that play-to-earn games will account for 90% of the gaming market within the next five years. 

While skeptics call the play-to-earn model unsustainable, the new games addressing the issues of in-game economics can lead to creating more sustainable digital economies.

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