PrimeXBT Launches Highly-requested Strategy Manager Trading History Feature

PrimeXBT is known to listen to its audience and have its ear to the community.

New products and platform improvements often arrive as a direct result of continued customer feedback. The company claims the most common request they receive is for greater transparency around strategy manager transactions.

In a new blog post, the company has revealed that it is finally releasing its most requested feature ever: Covesting strategy manager trading history.

PrimeXBT to launch covesting module update

Starting September 14, Covesting strategy managers will have their trading history displayed publicly. The blog post explains that trading history for the last 50 closed trades will be listed, including essential data points like “open and close dates and pricing, instrument, and ROI on used margin.”

There is a data delay of up to ten minutes on new closed trades being added to the data.

This data is designed to give greater confidence to the trading community at Covesting, provide more information for followers to consider, and give other strategy managers a way to scope out the competition. 

Everything you need to know about covesting copy trading

The competition at Covesting is serious business. Top-ranked strategy managers have earned as much as a 90,000% ROI.

Currently, the best performing traders have more than 4,000% in all-time profits, which is visible as part of other performance data available to potential followers from the Covesting leaderboards on PrimeXBT.

Followers can copy the trades of these skilled and experienced strategy managers by following them. Once followed, all trades are automatically copied, making money when the strategy manager does.

This is why getting a better view of the trading history of top strategy managers is such a vital improvement to the copy trading module.

Connect with global markets anytime with PrimeXBT

PrimeXBT, at its core, is a margin trading platform that connects traders to more than 100 different global markets under one roof. Users can utilize cryptocurrencies as collateral to trade Bitcoin, Dow Jones, gold, oil, forex currencies, and dozens of altcoins.

The platform is reliable, fast, and can be accessed while on the go using the PrimeXBT mobile app for Android and iOS devices.

In addition to copy trading, margin trading, and more, users can also earn passive interest, buy crypto, and build a profit-generation portfolio of digital and traditional assets.

Hit the PrimeXBT blog to learn more about the new feature and what else the award-winning platform has in store.

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