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Solidus AI TECH Announces Two Strategic Partnerships With UltimVR and MetagamZ

According to a recent press release, solidus AI TECH, a cryptocurrency firm focused on Artificial Intelligence, has announced a new strategic partnership with UltimVR and MetagamZ.

Solidus AITECH Partners With UltimVR and MetagamZ

According to the announcement, the partnering companies are leaders in 3D/ next-generation VR technologies and Metaverse development. Solidus AITech’s integration with the two firms will see both companies leveraging their expertise to contribute significantly to the Solidus AI Tech Metaverse.

Solidus’ Artificial Intelligence, on the other hand, deploys an infrastructure that enables it to operate in a way that helps to facilitate Government Authorities, Megacorps, SME’s and Professionals’ ability to purchase AI services. 

However, to continue to boost its pipeline of strategic partnerships, it has decided to invite UltimVR and MetagamZ into its world of Artificial Intelligence. The strategic collaboration aligns with the company’s mission to solve problems with high computational needs through its superior HPC capabilities.

Paul Farhi, the founder of Solidus Technologies, commented on the partnership while acknowledging UltimVR’s expertise, saying;

“UltimVR are experts in the field of 3D/VR and will help conceive, develop and deploy our proprietary Solidus AI Tech Metaverse. UltimVR will be using next-generation technology – Unreal Engine 5 – enabling us to provide all our members with a cutting-edge Metaverse to play shooting games, driving up the demand for our AITECH token and our forthcoming NFTs. Our NFTs will be conceived in both 2D and 3D format so NFT owners will have real utility with their NFTs by using them inside our Metaverse. Users will play using Solidus NFTs exclusively.”

Furthermore, with MetagamZ also coming into the scene, the Solidus AI Tech avatars will be embedded within the Solidus ecosystem, providing exclusive 3D assets, avatars and weapons to Solidus’ community of gamers.  The announcement further noted that only the users of Solidus AI Tech and MetagamZ would have exclusive access to Solidus AI Tech’s NFT collections. Moreover, Holders of Solidus NFTs will have privileged access to premium tools and components inside the MetagamZ ecosystem.

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