Splinterlands Announces Epic New Tower Defense Spin Off Game

Following months of speculation and eons of subtle hints, Splinterlands has now revealed its eagerly awaited spin off game. As a result, fans of the franchise can soon get down and dirty with the ‘Splinterlands Tower Defense (SPLTD)’ game.

The platform will take its cues from the traditional tower defense genre, with players implementing a strategy before unleashing wave after wave of enemy hoards. However, unlike the usual fare, once the action has commenced, they can no longer influence the outcome. Instead, relying on an auto-play feature coupled with a great deal of hope. Furthermore, at the end of each level, players can choose to bank their prizes, or continue onward and risk everything.

To help players along the way, Splinterlands will launch three types of NFT to use within the game, arriving in the shape of towers, spells and heroes, each providing their own special benefits. Meanwhile, existing Splinterlands cards and governance tokens will also have utility within the title.

SPLTD will launch as a single player PvE game with level progression soul-bound to the player’s account, meaning that regardless of social status, gamers must work hard to get ahead of the pack. To make things more interesting however, the Splinterlands team aims to redistribute $1 million in SPS rewards to the platform, in addition to regular allocation of NFT-based prizes.

The well oiled Splinterlands machine plans to launch the closed beta version of the game towards the end of the year, with the first NFTs scheduled for a September 20 drop, including 5 towers retailing at $8 per pack.

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