“The Epic Road Trip” releases new Lamborghini NFTs this September

Thanks to the Epic Road Trip, an unrivaled collection of NFTs, fans, collectors, enthusiasts, and members of the crypto community can amass the ultimate collection of digital collectibles and embark on an unforgettable Automobile Lamborghini road trip. Lamborghini super sports cars will be the unmistakable stars of the locations that the driver can travel to and discover while accumulating new NFTs every month for eight months until March 2023. The collection consists of four NFTs that are released every month for four days straight and will only be available for purchase for 24 hours. The base collectible NFTs will have an edition size of 1,963, while the fourth rare NFT will have an edition size of 63. Only those who have collected all of the monthly NFTs – either the three base NFTs or the three base plus the limited edition – will receive a special NFT at the end of the campaign.

Drop 2 Details

Utilities in Use

Customers that collect the base set alone or the entire set (3 x base + 1 x rare) will receive a unique NFT reward. Throughout the eight-month campaign, each month:Customers who purchase all three base NFT drops will receive an NFT token revealing a portion of the final limited NFT (silver puzzle)Customers who buy the rare NFT in addition to the three base NFTs will receive a limited-edition NFT token revealing a portion of it (gold puzzle).Wallpapers: Collect one of the 1,963 available base edition collectible NFTs for each drop to receive a commemorative digital wallpaper (both mobile and desktop). Eligible customers will receive wallpapers within 30 days of purchase.When you accumulate two consecutive monthly NFT collections, you will receive the Lamborghini Centro Stile Sketch, a digital drawing created especially for the The Epic Road Trip campaign by Mitja Borkert, Lamborghini’s Head of Design (six base edition collectible NFTs and two rare limited edition NFTs).You and a guest will be treated to a special tour of the Lamborghini Sant’Agata Bolognese headquarters if you purchase the full monthly drop series for each of the first four months of The Epic Road Trip (3 base edition and 1 limited edition). More information about the visit’s date will be released by the end of November 2022, with the special tour taking place in 2023. This prize does not include transportation or lodging.

Announced Utilities for Drop 2 onwards:

Utilities for Drop 2 and Later Announced: “The Epic Road Trip” will continue in September with recently released utilities:

●      Whitelist / Early Access to Rare Limited Edition NFT – For each drop, collect all three base edition collectible NFTs (1,963 available of each) and receive early access (60 minutes) to that month’s rare limited edition NFT — only 63 are available each month to mint.

●      Lamborghini GLB File – Collect all eight rare limited edition NFTs, ensures you secure the complete gold NFT Puzzle, and receive a Lamborghini GLB file allowing you to “virtualize” a to-be-determined Lamborghini model in the Metaverse.

Collect all three base edition collectible NFTs (1,963 of each) to gain early access to rare, limited edition NFTs for each drop.

Each month, only 63 of the rare, limited edition NFTs are available for minting (60 minutes).

Collecting all eight of the extremely rare, limited-edition NFTs grants you access to the entire gold NFT Puzzle as well as a Lamborghini GLB file, which allows you to “virtualize” a future Lamborghini model in the Metaverse.

The NFTs will be available on nft.lamborghini.com on Monday, September 12, 2022, at 1 PM CET, 7 AM EST, and 9 PM AEST. Every NFT will be operational for 24 hours.

Limited editions of 1,963

NFT 1 – Monday 12th September

NFT 2 – Tuesday 13th September

NFT 3 – Wednesday 14th September

The 3 x limited editions will be priced at USD$196.30 each.

Rare edition of 63

NFT 4 – Thursday 15th September

The rare edition will be priced at USD$1,963 each.

The collaborators:

After completing its two previous successful NFT projects, Automobili Lamborghini has launched a virtual journey that begins on the moon, travels through space, and ends in well-known locations around the world in collaboration with NFT PRO TM and INVNT.ATOM TM.

Lamborghini super sports cars will be the unmissable stars of the locations the traveler can visit and discover while accumulating new NFTs every month for eight months until March 2023. The collection, which consists of four NFTs released sequentially over the course of four days each month, will only be available for purchase for 24 hours. The fourth NFT will be produced in a limited edition of only 63 pieces.


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For more information about [INVNT GROUP], visit: www.invntgroup.com

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