the first Kitties NFTs that will save the world from plastic will be available

the first Kitties NFTs that will save the world from plastic will be available

Kute Kitties is a unique set of non-replaceable token NFTs with a more important goal: to save the world from plastic. Kuti Kits will come out in the second week of November so that they can be used in such a creative way.

The Kuti Kitty NFT project started when people realized that plastic is in the air, land, water, and plants, and that it has even made its way into our bodies. The project will give the plastic that is polluting the oceans a new life by making useful things out of it.

kitty kitty

The Kute Kitties collection has 10,000 NFTs with over 100+ different features, which makes a “rare” and insanely cool Kutee Kitty. Rare features will be marked in the NFT metadata and shown with other NFTs that have the same rare feature.

“Technology has turned our world into a global village, and one of the largest and growing markets in this village is the world of NFTs,” the team members explain in their white paper. So, Kuti Kitty wants to be more than just a collection of tokens.

The Kuti Kitty Project’s parts:

In the first step, 0.03 ETH will be used to mine NFTs, and the archive will be put on the OpenSea secondary market. Along with this, the project will also make and sell T-shirts with a theme that are made entirely of recycled materials.

In the second phase, a collection of 3D cats with more money and travel donations for holders will be released. More T-shirts and hoodies will be sold, with 50% of the money going to charities that help protect our oceans and 50% going to the people who buy them.

In the third phase, a YouTube channel will be created to show off all of the charitable projects that are being done around the world. As the project members go on a world tour, they will plant a number of trees. Also, 50% of the channel’s income will go to charity, and the other 50% will be given back to the people who own shares.

In the fourth step, you start your own e-commerce business that sells products made from recycled or sustainable materials. E-commerce will be a way to make money without doing anything. It will be driven by how much money the store makes. Every month, 20% of the money made from this online business will be given back to the NFT holders.

In the fifth step, money is given to a project called Kinesis, which will use hemp and other agricultural waste to make new bioplastics.

Benefits of being a membership:

The first 100 people who have profile pictures of Kuti Kitty NFTs will be put on the “whitelist.” ETH will be given to the person who wins their extraction; The team will pay for 5 people on the whitelist to go to the natural place.

To win a prize of $10,000 in ETH, participants must make a video showing how they have helped the environment by planting a tree, growing flowers, adopting an animal in need, or finding creative ways to reuse plastic. At the end of the contest, 10 lucky people will be chosen, and the top prize is $10,000 in ETH!

The goal of the Kuti Kitty NFT project is to use recycled plastic to make things like T-shirts that don’t pollute the environment. The large investment will also be used by the platform to make new content.

The research aims to create rare and precious NFTs from land and ocean plastic waste. Each Kuti Kitty’s proceeds will be reinvested into the project to hire contractors to remove trash and plastic debris from land and water. The discarded plastic will subsequently be transported to a vast network of recycling facilities. The more the sale of grotto kittens, the greater the contribution to plastic cleaning and recycling programs.

The project also wants to encourage other projects to set long-term goals that help a cause. It does this by using self-sustaining strategies that have positive and doable ripple effects. Note that NFT holders will get 20% of investment income to pay for any environmental protection program.

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