The Netherlands Is The World’s Most “Metaverse Ready” Country

As the concept of the metaverse gains prominence worldwide, a new study has found the Netherlands is the most metaverse ready nation. With one of the world’s highest median fixed broadband speeds (Mbps), the country has the potential to meet the speed requirements of the metaverse. Meanwhile, Switzerland, Lithuania, Malta, and France take the next top five spots in the rankings. 

So, what makes the Netherlands the most metaverse ready country? What parameters is the study based on? Which other countries made it to the top? 

The Netherlands is the most metaverse ready nation! Credit: Unsplash

About the study

Uswitch, an online and telephone comparison and switching service, recently conducted a study to find out which countries are the most equipped to welcome the metaverse. The company used metrics such as internet speeds, monthly internet prices, and the cost of high-technology exports to compare nations. Other parameters included the number of blockchain financial services startups and annual Google searches about the metaverse per million people. 

Then, Uswitch assigned a ‘metaverse readiness score’ to each country based on its performance on each of the above parameters. All scores are out of 10, with the Netherlands receiving the highest score of 7.74.   

Why is the Netherlands the most metaverse ready nation?

Firstly, the Netherlands offers one of the world’s highest fixed broadband speeds of 106.51Mbps. Besides, its 2021 high-technology exports per capita were $5,770, making it one of the leading high-tech producers. 

“Not only does Metaverse broadband need to be quick, it needs to be affordable and accessible too,” the report noted. “This requires a strong foundation in the technology, including in payments through the blockchain, to make such an advanced, data-heavy system usable for people’s everyday activities.”

The Netherlands ranks well on these metaverse requirements as well. Furthermore, it is one of the top countries with the highest number of people searching about the metaverse. Reportedly, the country accounts for over 24,000 annual Google searches per million people.

The top metaverse ready countries. Credit: Uswitch

Which other countries is metaverse ready?

According to the report, Switzerland, Lithuania, Malta, and France rank at positions two to five, respectively. In the meantime, the UK ranks 7 with a score of 6.77. The US, on the other hand, is at number 12, although it has the fastest internet speed of 167.36 Mbps.

Romania, meanwhile, offers the cheapest internet at just $9.00 per month. However, in overall rankings, it’s right behind the US at position 13. While Cyprus boasts the most blockchain startups per million people (42.8), the Republic of Ireland has the most high-tech exports. Finally, Cyprus makes the most Googles searches about the metaverse.

While the report gives an overall idea of where countries stand in terms of metaverse readiness, it’s essential to note other factors that come into play. For example, in reports like this, one should also look at the population of each country. Furthermore, it will also be important to consider questions such as: Which countries are already leading in metaverse adoption? Which countries have the biggest crypto users? What are the existing crypto and NFT sales statistics? 

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