The Osopher Project: NFTs “Crazy Enough To Try”

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey and Flying Dog Brewery have launched a unique partnership to offer an exclusive collection set, “The Osopher NFT Bundle.” On November 11th, fans had the chance to purchase the collection only on In fact, the bundle sold out in record time. Even more, 10% of the proceeds went to the First Responders Foundation.

The Osopher NFT Bundle is out on November 11th. Image Credit: Stranahan’s.

What’s in the NFT?

In essence, 23 collections were available for $230. These included a bottle of The Osopher Whiskey from Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey, a bottle of The Osopher Beer from Flying Dog Brewery, a tote with art by Ralph Steadman, and a digital NFT artwork by Ralph Steadman, the collaboration bottle designer.

Additionally, one “The Osopher NFT Bundle” was offered. This set included a priceless signed version of the NFT artwork, both The Osospher Beer and Whiskey, the tote, and the digital NFT art. YellowHeart, a leading Web3 marketplace for ticketing, music, and memberships is powering the collection.

The bundle includes exclusive art, beer, and whiskey. Image Credit: Stranahan’s.

What is the Osopher Project?

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey and Flying Dog Brewery are two separate entities that have a shared history through their founder, George Stranahan. In the summer of 2022, these two companies collaborated to create the Osopher Project. The beer and whiskey created are tributes to the ingenuity and craft which George employed in building his two businesses.

The Whiskey was originally available in Denver, Colorado and sold out in 72 hours. The beer sold out with retailers in Maryland when it went public. The Osopher Project represents the idea that “you can pursue anything if you’re just crazy enough to try it.”

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