The Sandbox To Migrate To The Polygon Network

In an official announcement, it was revealed that The Sandbox has begun preparations to move its smart contracts to the Layer-2 Polygon blockchain.

With the migration, The Sandbox ecosystem will be undergoing some changes. Of particular note is that LAND and SAND tokens will be bridged, which will serve to make the ecosystem cheaper and greener, with the added benefit of providing more features.

The Sandbox & Polygon: What Does the Migration Mean?

The Sandbox has already started its deployment and bridge to Polygon. Thanks to this, users can look forward to means lower gas fees, higher energy efficiency, LAND multipliers for staking, faster operations, and more.

The contract addresses are as follows:

LAND on Polygon: 0x9d305a42A3975Ee4c1C57555BeD5919889DCE63F
SAND on Polygon: 0xBbba073C31bF03b8ACf7c28EF0738DeCF3695683

The Bridge on both blockchain networks:

Ethereum — 0xCd1C7C85113b16A5B9e09576112d162281b5F860
Polygon — 0x03c545163bd114D756c65DDA1D97D37b89dA2236

New Features

Following the full deployment of The Sandbox on Polygon, users will be able to enjoy some new features. 


As mentioned earlier, LAND multipliers will make their return. With the successful implementation of the bridge, users will gain a 15% LAND contribution multiplier that will be applicable in conjunction with all SAND and SAND-MATIC staking. 

All users will be able to enjoy the benefits of the multiplier, though LAND owners in particular will gain extra rewards for staking SAND based on the amount of LAND they own. Any new LAND staking features will henceforth be developed on Polygon.


Along with the addition of the LAND multiplier, the transition to Polygon will also unlock an exclusive cashback program. The Sandbox will be implementing a 1M $SAND cashback mechanism as a means of smoothing out the migration and lowering gas fees. For every LAND migrated to Polygon, users get 10 mSAND cashback.

Upcoming Updates

The Sandbox team revealed that as migration progresses, users will gain access to more features, and a roadmap to that effect has been provided.

Here’s a quick overview of the updates mentioned in the official blog post:

ASSET Token 

The ASSET token is scheduled to be deployed and bridged by the end of July 2022.

LAND Sales

All upcoming LAND sales will hereafter be held on the Polygon Network, while all sales hosted on the Layer-2 will incur lower gas fees. With this, The Sandbox hopes to provide a “less frustrating” buying experience. 


Once the ‘ESTATE’ modification has been implemented on the Polygon network, users will be able to merge their LAND to publish ‘EXPERIENCEs’. 


Post migration, users will be able to build EXPERIENCEs on their LAND on Polygon. More details are expected to be provided as the launch nears. 

To learn details about the migration, you can visit the official blog.

About The Sandbox

The Sandbox is a Play to Earn game in which players own land,and  build on it to create games, voxel art, and more. Player’s creations can then be monetized through the platform.

Over the last year, The Sandbox has collaborated with a plethora of famous brands and celebrities, including Ubisoft, Adidas, Atari, Playboy, Deadmau5, Snoop Dogg, and more.

On the Flipside

One of the major “cons” of The Sandbox was its high Ethereum gas fees. With its migration to Polygon, players will be hoping that the issue is resolved with a smooth transition.

Why You Should Care

The Sandbox’s migration to Polygon will make operations cheaper in the metaverse
With the transition, The Sandbox has checked off another important milestone in its roadmap

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