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The scammer Anna Sorokin is to sell NFTs

“Sorokin announced in a talk with NBC News’ Savannah Sellers. “I’m attempting to walk away from this like, quote-unquote scammer persona,”

Anna Sorokin, recognized for snatching hundreds of thousands of dollars from colleagues and businesses while presenting as a German heir, announced she’s attempting to walk off from the “charlatan persona” and schedules to inaugurate an exhibition of NFTs.

The popular socialite minted 10 NFTs that will award owners “limited access” to her, which encompasses abilities like one-on-one phone calls, she told NBC News’ Savannah Sellers in the last meeting.

Three “ultra platinum” NFTs award the chance to join Sorokin in person, and owners will earn a parcel of “private items” from Sorokin.

“I’m attempting to move away from this like, quote-unquote scammer persona,” Sorokin, who is still in immigration and Customs Enforcement supervision, explained from the Orange County Correctional Facility in upstate New York.

“This is like entirely, has been lifted upon me by the trial and by the following media and by the Netflix show, but I’m attempting to walk off from that for sure.”

Anna ‘Delvey’ Sorokin talks about NFTs, recent center on ‘something legitimate’
Sorokin, also known by her nickname Anna Delvey, served about four years in jail after she was considered a crime of deceiving and attempting to deceive banks and hotels out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. She falsely asserted to be a German heiress, with a legacy of $60 million and announced she was extending funds to establish a restricted Manhattan social club.

Her growth in the Manhattan social event, as well as her charge and following prosecution, was represented in the Netflix sequels “Inventing Anna.”

Sorokin’s NFT collection, “Reinventing Anna,” is a show on the Netflix sequels.

When wanting what she discovers motivating about her tale, Sorokin explained she “never gave up,” and that there’s “always a way to change something bad into something good.”

“So I think that’s something that community can associate with,” she declared. “And there’s a line which would be brought to which methods you should exercise while attempting to attain what you desire.”

When gathered on whether she extended the line, Sorokin reacted, “Well, the administration certainly believes that way.”

“It was certainly immoral,” she confessed when interrogate about the banks she attempted to deceive. “And I would not … I would not motivate anybody else to pursue my footsteps.”Sorokin wishes that her future programs, such as her NFT collection, will allow her to concentrate her power on “something legal.

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