Tuvalu Wants to Build a Duplicate Country in the Metaverse

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The island country of Tuvalu is seeking to recreate itself in the metaverse
It wants to use its virtual existence as a backup plan incase its engulfed in water due to rising sea levels
But the plans are for a worst case scenario

The island country of Tuvalu has revealed plans to have a virtual copy of itself in the metaverse as a backup plan in case the rising sea levels makes it inhabitable. The country’s Foreign Affairs minister Simon Kofe disclosed that the plans are in preparation for a worst case scenario. Tuvalu’s digital copy will include everything on its physical counterpart.

No Difference between a Physical and Virtual Tuvalu

Kofe was speaking during the recent COP27 climate change event, adding that the virtual Tuvalu will keep the country’s land, culture, and the ocean safe in case the country experiences harm “in the physical world.” Kofe also hinted that the metaverse version will “function as a state.”

Apart from preserving its history, Tuvalu’s presence in the metaverse will support government efforts to keep it as an internationally-recognized country even if it only exists underwater. In the previous conference, Kofe addressed the attendees in a video link where he was seen standing halfway submerged in the ocean to stress that his country is in danger of being swallowed by the Pacific ocean.

Submerged Within 78 Years

The minister added that his country is taking the extra step since other countries globally are doing little to address climate change. If it actualizes the plans, It will be the only country globally to have a fully-functioning duplicate in the virtual world. 

According to preliminary forecasts, the country is at risk of being submerged by the ocean within the next 78 years. Already, 40% of its capital city sometimes finds itself under water during tides. Kofe didn’t disclose when the country’s virtual twin will start accepting inhabitants, but the move comes when countries like Japan are investing in the metaverse and NFTs.

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