VASSY, a big name in EDM, is now making acoustic tracks for NFT

VASSY is an Australian EDM star who lives in the US. She is making her NFT debut with nine exclusive acoustic versions of her hit.Some of these are with David Guetta, Tisto, and the Dutch producers Showtek.

RCRDSHP, which was started a year ago as the first digital collectibles platform for electronic music, sells the NFT Collectible Series. The singer, producer, and person who plays more than one instrument said, “I got into NFTs early last year because I saw their potential.”

She says that, like many artists, she has trouble understanding a lot of technology. But she was determined to connect with her followers in a personal way that didn’t cost much. This isn’t always possible with traditional DSPs.

“It’s a wonderful and unique experience.” NFTs bring in money and give you control over pieces you didn’t have before. When fans buy a collectible, they get videos of VASSY in the studio and personal videos for each song. Collectors receive a private link to exclusive covers of their favorite songs as a reward.

If a fan buys all three collectibles or any VASSY artist card and fills out a pack, they will get a signed CD of VASSY’s older songs. “Since RCRDSHP started, VASSY has changed what is possible with music NFTs,” said Obie Fernandez, the founder and CEO of the company.

“From helping young female artists in our “Women of Dance” program to always being at the top of the charts around the world, her work is showing others how to own their voices in this space.”

One reason VASSY is moving to NFTs is that the format doesn’t have a wide range of customers, artists, or investors.After all, NFTs are where visual art and cryptography meet, and white men still control both of these fields.“I’m used to being in a boy’s club, because even the EDM scene is, right?” VASSY said. “It’s the story of my life. So I’ve always tried to lead the way and not be a follower.”

“But slowly but slowly, women are moving into the web3 space.”

The unplugged reworks are “BAD!,” “Even If,” “History,” “Secrets,” “Lost,” “Nothing to Lose,” “Satisfied,” “Could This Be Love,” and “Chase.” She says that they are beautiful songs, and that hearing them played on guitar and piano shows fans how they were written at first.

“Many of my lyrics are about being empowered, not being afraid to ask for what you want, and being yourself. They are three keystones in my life, and my fans make it clear that’s important to them too. They make me artwork (inspired by my) music, illustrations and poetry.”

“They send me personal messages about their lives, which of my songs helped save their lives or helped them through a bad patch, and how my story inspired them to believe in themselves.

The author says, “I always tell them ‘Remember, rejection is simply redirection’.”

VASSY was young and hungry. When she moved to Paris, London, Stockholm, New York, and Los Angeles, she had to work harder because she didn’t know anyone in the music business.

But now, success comes with things like having “BAD!” with David Guetta and Showtek streamed two billion times, performing with Tisto in front of 400,000 crazy people at Tomorrowland in Belgium, and making 20 platinum records around the world.

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