Vintage Collectibles Turn To The Blockchain With MNTGE

Vintage collectibles are coming to the blockchain thanks to the digital wearables brand, MNTGE. Founded by Nick Adler, Sean Wotherspoon, and Brennan Russo, MNTGE is creating unforgettable experiences that tie vintage apparel to digital collectibles. In doing so, the team is also fostering a community of vintage fashion enthusiasts. Under the MNTGE umbrella, fans come together to express their passion for preserving and showcasing the vintage aesthetic.

MNTGE is offering curated vintage items to fans with enthusiasm. Credit: Los Angeles Times.

Vintage Collectibles With MNTGE?

MNTGE is a digital wearables brand that specializes in bringing vintage to the blockchain. How do they do this? Well, MNTGE has a full calendar of feature drops that will deliver virtual collaborations with world-renowned creators. The MNTGE community has access to these rare items that will exist in both digital and physical forms. The items are authenticated on the blockchain.

In order to take part in the special drops, fans will need to purchase the Mint Pass. That will drop this December. The Mint Pass offers access to exclusive collaborations, entry to a gated Discord community, and the opportunity to own authenticated vintage goods.

The Mint Pass, dropping in December, will offer experiences like in-person events. Credit: Standout.

What Is The MNTGE Mint Pass?

Moreover, MNTGE Mint Pass holders will have the opportunity to network within the fashion industry and share their enthusiasm for vintage apparel. This will be coordinated through special events with experts in vintage. The Mint Pass will also give holders the opportunity to experience rare items that would otherwise be impossible to wear.

Don’t miss out on your chance to own vintage on the blockchain, MNTGE offers a one-of-a-kind experience for fans and enthusiasts to share their passion. Did we mention that Founder Nick Adler is the business partner of Snoop Dogg?

Check them out. Mint Passes go live this September.

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